What is a Home Theater Display: A Complete Guide for Homeowners

What is a Home Theater Display A Complete Guide for Homeowners
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The FIFA 2018 World Cup is right around the corner, and recently the Super Bowl played off. In light of these big sporting matches, you might have heard people talk about home theater systems, surround sound, and home theater displays. You might be familiar with the other concepts but might be wondering what is a home theater display.

Not only that, you also probably wonder what the types of displays available for home theater systems are. This topic could be an endless one, but as long as you understand the basics, you will be fine.

The Home Theater System: An Overview

A home theater system is a must-have for every sports enthusiast and movie lover as it will transform your television room into the ultimate entertainment center. It will not only be good for you to view your favorite sports and movies, but it can also be a great excuse to have all your friends come over to hang out with you. You might not want to entertain on a regular basis, but if everyone wants to hang out at your house, it means that you don’t have to leave, and if expenses are a problem, you can always tell them to bring their own beer.

From the name itself, you can denote that a home theater system is composed of several parts such as a media player, surround sound speakers, amplifiers, a subwoofer, and cables as well as the home theater display. A home theater display intends to give the home an entertainment center that mirrors a cinema. That is the reason why a home theater system is also called a home cinema. It might be impossible to replicate the million-dollar design in your home, but these are smaller systems that you can emulate.

In order to set up your home theater system in your living room or backyard, you can buy standalone devices and connect them correctly together. You also need to have different remote control devices for each part. Nonetheless, you can purchase the entire system known as a home theater in a box (HTIB) to save you from purchasing multiple items and using various remote controls.

What is a Home Theater Display: A Detailed Look

From knowing directly what is a home theater display, it is unquestionable that it plays a significant role in making sure that you have a great movie-watching experience. Over the years, the technology has evolved and changed so much that there are several home theater display options available.

Types of Home Theater Displays

No matter what type of home theater display you choose, they only have one primary function, and that is: to view the video content.

Television: The most common type of home theater displays is televisions that are now available in LED, OLED, and LCD screens. Before these viewing screens became popular, the big old cathode ray tube televisions that our parents had (CRTs) and plasma televisions were popular choices. The television that you choose to get will depend on the display that you want and can afford.

Of all the television types mentioned, OLED screens are the most expensive. On the other hand, LCD televisions are better suited for rooms that are well lit while OLEDs can be used in normal lighting or dark lighting conditions. Lastly, LEDs can be used in rooms that either has normal lighting or bright lighting.

Projector Screen: This is another popular option as it is pretty cool and tend to have wider displays than televisions. Also, the super thin screen makes it easy to pack up and transport. Nevertheless, you can also choose not to buy a screen with your projector since you can project the image unto any wall. Their resolutions are also not too bad, and you can get some pretty high-resolution projectors at reasonable prices. While the projector seems to be ideal, to get the best out of your display, you will need to watch high-definition videos and in dark rooms.

Important Factors when Buying a Home Theater Display

When buying a home theater display, you should keep several things in mind:

  • Size matters: Generally, to have an effective home theater display, you need to have one that is at least 50 inches. Any display that is less than that will fail to give you an entertaining experience or “wow” factor.
  • Look at the resolution: To have clearer images, the display you choose should have a high resolution, and that is anything with 2160 pixels and above. 4k technology is the new trending display, so if you can get that and you have a cash to spare, it is also a big plus.
  • Get the right accessories: If you will get a television set, you should have quality wall mounts or brackets for you to be able to put it up without hassles. Whereas, if you decide on a projector, you should opt to get a mount too as well as a screen.
  • The sound is not a factor: If you plan on setting up a home theater, the sound coming with your display should not be an issue as you will probably use a soundbar or surround sound system.
  • Technology quickly becomes obsolete: If you plan to have a home theater display that you can have for a lifetime, then you might have problems with maintenance and calibration in the future. Chances are, you will have it for less than a year before the next big thing comes around. Hence, you shouldn’t spend too much on a home theater display.


Having a quality and high-resolution home theater display is necessary so that you can watch everything clearly. There are different options to choose from, and they vary significantly in price and functionality. The television definitely requires less maintenance while the projector needs a frequent bulb replacement. However, projectors are more portable than TVs. The choice will always solely depend on your needs and lifestyle.

In addition, when choosing a display, you should not only consider the size and lighting condition of the room where you will place it but also the other parts of the home theater system. Also, the display must have connections or adapters that are compatible with each piece.

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