What Do I Need for My Home Theater: The Essentials and the Must-Haves

What Do I Need for My Home Theater
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Most people dream of owning a home theater, but there are those who have stopped dreaming and are slowly making that dream a reality. But ask yourself, “What do I need for a home theater to make it the best there is?“,”What are the essentials and the must-haves?

The answers to these questions vary depending on who you would ask, and there are far too many pieces of literature that talk about which one is ideal for this set-up and that. The best way to answer these questions is to go out there and get a feel of what equipment would stand the test of time and not rob you of well-earned money.

What Do I Need For a Home Theater: The Essentials

When one hears “home theater” what immediately comes to mind is a room full of audio and video equipment that brings out the best in entertainment, whether or not if its the best film of date or a newly released album from the current pop sensation. Designing a home theater is a matter of mixing and matching pieces of an entertainment center and furnishings to come up with something worth spending hours of your life in.

Most home theater systems would have the following essential items as part of their design and function.

  • Television

The higher-the-definition-and-the larger-the-size-the-better is always the key when selecting the best television for your home theater. If 4K is available in your area, then go with a television set that is compatible with that technology so that you would not have to upgrade once 4K becomes the more preferred format over HD.

  • Channel Box or Modem

Based on your preference, which one would you have on your home theater, the services of a big cable company or the ability to stream videos using a modem? Some telecommunication companies offer both as a package and are made for home theaters, with 4K as an upgrade.

  • Source Components

DVD players, Blu-ray Disc players, and CD players, among others, are some of your source components that are essential to the home theater setup. Some component place all of these players in one device for added versatility and less clutter and wiring as well.

  • Projector and Screen

This is the alternative to a large television set, especially if you cannot find one large enough to suit your tastes and need. Projectors can now be plugged into cable boxes and monitors to project videos onto a white screen, or it can be just a wall that is painted plain white. This means versatility although you would need a darker theater to appreciate the projector fully.

  • Home Theater Receiver

This, basically, is the main console for controlling the sound system of your home theater. Every audio device passes through it, and you can manipulate it to get the best quality that you want. Some receivers would come with a built-in AM and FM radio receiver, as well as several input and output plugs for your other equipment.

  • Sound System

The amplifiers and the different speakers come next on the list of essential home theater items. Speaker sets can come in 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 channels, all indicating to the number of speakers that the set would have. Right now, the best sound system would have four loudspeakers, one center bar speaker, one subwoofer, and a console to control everything.

  • Sitting

Once all the electrical equipment is all wired up and ready to play, the next thing to think about is how you would laze around in your home theater. Most would prefer recliners over traditional couches and sofas, while some eclectic ones mix and match to get the best vibe out of their design.

  • Acoustics and Lighting

Home theaters are traditionally designed to be dark and illuminated by floor lighting to prevent glare from projecting over the screen or television. Dark and heavy curtains are often utilized to cover up windows and doors while egg cartons and acoustic boards enhance the sound coming from the speakers.

  • Wired Connection

Underneath each home theater lies a web of wires and cables that connect each electronic device with another, synchronizing everything. These wires may be invisible, but they technically are the most important part of any home theater set-up as they unify everything for one purpose.

What Do I Need For a Home Theater: The Must-Haves

Home theaters are made with entertaining guests and family in mind, especially people who know how to appreciate a good movie or comrades rallying for the same sports team. It should then be part of your considerations for including the following must-have items that further increase the fun and enjoyment while inside your home theater.

  • Gaming Consoles

Consoles are a must-have if you are into gaming and like inviting friends over to play and hang out. These devices increase the entertainment value of your theater system tenfold.

  • Recliners

Most home theater system owners content themselves with plush sofas and couches, but some consider spending more to acquire full recliners which are the better seating option no matter what kind of entertainment is on.

  • Camera for Streaming

Some home theater owners would use their set-up to make video calls to relatives living far away or to business associates from the other end of the country.

  • Minibar

This is definitely a must-have especially if the kitchen and pantry are a little too far to reach coming from the home theater. Having a mini-bar right inside also makes you a good host as you can serve snacks right there and then.

  • Popcorn Machines

This is pretty much a nice to have than anything, but a home theater that smells like an actual movie theater provides a great ambiance for entertaining.

Final Thoughts

Home theaters are also known as home cinemas which are special rooms that you can design and inject your personality with. You can base the essentials from this list, or you can base it on what you want to have. Go crazy about it. What’s important is that you and your guests can have fun inside your dream home theater. Just like an actual movie theater only much homier and more comfortable!

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