VIVO Premium Universal Floor Speaker Stands Review

VIVO Premium Universal Floor Speaker Stands Review
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VIVO Premium Universal Floor Speaker Stands: QUICK OVERVIEW


Value For Money



What We Like

  • Looks nice
  • Easy to set up
  • Balanced
  • Effective in reducing light vibrations
  • Has safety features
  • Durable
  • Lightweight

What We Don't Like

  • Does not do a lot for stereo imaging
  • Speakers can still slide easily
  • No features for proper wire management
  • Cannot handle extreme vibrations
  • Might be too tall for some people

Floor speaker stands are important because they determine how well you can adjust the position or the alignment of your speakers. Needless to say, if you cannot position your speakers the right way, one cannot truly appreciate the sound that comes out of them. It might be too high from your ear level or probably too low which will result in a failed home theater system.

If you are in the process of setting up a home theater system or at least an audio system, you have to remember that everything is in the details since we are dealing with sound here.

The sound can travel wherever it deems to, so control is done with the use of audio accessories like the floor speaker stands of VIVO Premium. With that said, let us review these stands and find out the pros and cons of using them.

VIVO Premium Universal Floor Speaker Stands Review

This is a universal surround speaker stand system that can be used with bookshelf speakers, satellite speakers, and more. These two stands are made of high gauge cold rolled steel for durability and flexibility.

It was designed in a way you can elevate the capacity of your speakers to enhance the audio sound. It also looks sleek so it will fit well in a home with a modern aesthetic.

Further, the stands are supported by dual pillars which are made of steel. Each stand can carry up to 22 pounds. The total height measuring from the floor up to the top shelf is 25 inches.

The top shelf is 6.25 x 6.25 inches. It also has anti-vibration spikes in which the top and the base can be detached in order to create minimal points of contact.

Doing so will help in reducing the vibration of the speaker. At the same time, if you do not want to use them, you can just simply remove these spikes.

It also has a balanced base since the cold rolled steel bottom measures 9.5 x 9.5 inches. Lastly, it has padding, which will help protect the speakers as well as your floors from any scratches and scuffs.


The VIVO Premium Universal Floor Speaker Stands is a perfect addition to any modern home. It can help in properly positioning your speakers and also enhance their capabilities with the use of its anti-vibration spikes. It has the perfect height for those who have a relatively large room so that the speakers are still within your listening level even if you are standing at the edge of the room.

It also has padding which helps in preserving the integrity of your speakers as well as to prevent any scratches on your floor. As for the setup, it is straightforward and it comes with everything that you need from the tools to the screws.

On the downside, even if it does have that anti-vibration technology, it still cannot manage intense vibrations. This means that even if your speaker is secure, it might still change its position a bit which greatly affects the stereo imaging.

Comparison with the Pyle Sonos Speaker Stands

Let us now take a look at the competitor of the VIVO Premium Universal Floor Speaker Stands which is the Pyle Sonos Speaker Stands. The Sonos speaker stands were specifically designed based on the shape and the looks of the Sonos speaker but it still can be used for other speakers.

Also, its height can be adjusted due to its telescoping center column. It can be adjusted from 26 inches to 52 inches with the use of a secure and sturdy pin.

The stands themselves are made of a durable metal construction which also helps with structural stability. It also has a square platform which measures nine inches, and it comes with a non-slip and thick pad that is two millimeters.

The weight capacity is 90 pounds for each stand, which makes it perfect for a home theater system. There is also an equal weight distribution so you are sure that the stands will not wobble once the speakers are being used.

As for its base, it has a triangle base that has three points. The base plate measures 18 x 18 x 18 inches. It also comes with floor spikes that can also help in balancing the stands. Moreover, it is also easy to assemble as it comes with everything you need for proper assembly and easy mounting.

Even though it is your first time to set up these stands, you can properly do so because it comes with a very helpful manual. Further, if you are not satisfied with it, they have a 30-day money back guarantee.


The VIVO Premium Universal Floor Speaker Stands is still the better speaker stands because of its security and stability. At the same time, compared to its competitor, it can elevate your listening experience and really bring out the best out of your speakers.

Given that it still has some problems with vibrations, if you compare it to the one from Pyle, they are leagues better in harnessing all of those vibrations to keep your speakers intact. More than that, it looks nice.

For some, this might not be a big factor but keep in mind that they are very visible and can make or break the look of a room. Its competitor may still be good but it looks like a stand fresh off a studio which might give someone an impression that it is not properly constructed.

If you are someone who wants to have a consistent listening experience may it be for movies or music, the one from VIVO is a good choice not only for its looks but also for its quality. As for the vibration issues, you can simply just put anti-vibration pads directly underneath your speakers to solve that problem.

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