Southwire Heavy-Duty Outdoor Extension Cord Review

Southwire Heavy-Duty Outdoor Extension Cord Review
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Southwire Heavy-Duty Outdoor Extension Cord: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Proudly made in America
  • Ideal to be used outdoors and indoors
  • Features a flexible vinyl jacket
  • Works in all kinds of extreme weathers
  • Water-resistant body
  • Prongs protected from bending and breaking
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Comes with a lighted end
  • Highly durable and long lasting

What We Don't Like

  • Quite stiff
  • Not very flexible, especially in cold weathers
  • Not rated for 300V

If you are the kind who constantly dabbles in construction, especially ones that happen outdoors, you will often find yourself in need of power in an area that is very hard to reach. This could be just outside the door or a remote corner of a garden.

No matter what the reason is, an outdoor extension cord is one of the most invaluable pieces of equipment that is worth having. If you do a quick search on the internet for one, you will find tons and tons of options.

A majority of them are made from average to low-quality materials, which could harm your equipment. For this reason, you should only use a high-quality outdoor extension. We found the perfect one for you in the Southwire Heavy-Duty Outdoor Extension Cord.

Southwire Heavy-Duty Outdoor Extension Cord Review

Southwire is a family-owned company that operates globally. The company’s success is rooted in social responsibility, hard work, and innovation. They believe that sustaining their core values is extremely important for the future of their company.

The company’s roots extend all the way back to 1937. Roy Richards, who was a graduate of Georgia Tech, began a company to erect power poles. By 1950, Richards founded this company with only 12 employees and three used machines.

At present, this company still stands strong. They are synonymous to high quality and fantastic customer service, and they continue to grow. At present, the company has about 8,000 employees all over the world.


While marketed for outdoor use, the Southwire Heavy-Duty Outdoor Extension Cord is a brilliant cord to use indoor as well. This product is ideal for a variety of different purposes.

Its striking colors can be easily spotted wherever you are working, and its overall quality is outstanding too. We are sure you want to know more about this product, so let’s review it in detail below.

  • All-Purpose Extension Cord

As stated earlier, the best part of the Southwire Heavy-Duty Outdoor Extension Cord is that it can be used outdoors as well as indoors. This extension cord is ideal to be used in warehouses, job sites, workshops, and more.

  • Size

Size is an extremely important aspect for an outdoor extension cord. Typically, most places you work outdoors will not have a power supply point. So, keeping that in mind, the makers of this outdoor extension cord have made it in two different sizes.

You can choose between a 50-foot extension cord or a 100-foot extension cord. We would recommend sticking to the 100-foot options if you are mainly going to be using it outdoors.

  • Proudly American

Are you a proud American? Then show it off with your outdoor extension cord. With the Southwire Heavy-Duty Outdoor Cord, you can proudly display the American colors, blue, red, and white on your job site.

Not only is this a patriotic, striped, contractor-grade extension cord, but it is also proudly made in the United States. This American company is a proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project.

  • Lighted End

This outdoor extension cord comes with a lighted end. This lighted receptor end will indicate when the power is on and when this cord is ready to be used. This is also beneficial during night time when you are searching for the cord.

  • Build

An outdoor extension cord needs to be made only with the best of materials so that it can withstand hours and hours of use, extreme weathers, and even constant wear and tear. What’s particularly great about this outdoor extension cord is its built.

With the Southwire Heavy Duty Outdoor Cord, you can rest assured that you and your power equipment are completely safe when you use it. This outdoor extension cord has molded water-resistant connectors along with a flexible vinyl jacket.

All of these provide the cord with an ample amount of protection from extreme heat from the sun, abrasion, and moisture. Furthermore, it is resistant to water too, making it suitable for any kind of weather conditions.

  • Durability

This outdoor extension cord’s connectors, as well as its reinforced blade, add more durability to it and protect the prongs from breaking and bending at all times.

Summary of the Features

The Southwire Heavy-Duty Outdoor Extension Cord is a fantastic piece of equipment that you can use outdoors and indoors, making it ideal for a whole different range of purposes. Its bright colors resemble the American flag and can also be spotted easily.

With the end of the cord illuminated, you are aware that the power is on. The blades come reinforced to add a whole new layer of durability against the prongs bending and breaking.

Furthermore, this is a highly durable and long-lasting outdoor extension cord, which is water resistant and protects against sunlight, abrasion, and moisture.

Comparison with a Similar Product

We compared the Southwire Heavy-Duty Outdoor Cord to the Master Electrician Multipurpose Extension Cord. Both of these extension cords are quite similar and come with their own set of advantages.

In addition to that, both options can also be used outdoors and indoors. They also have reinforced blades that prohibit the prongs from bending and breaking.

On the other hand, what sets the Southwire Heavy-Duty Outdoor Extension Cord apart from its counterpart is that the cord is significantly longer in comparison to the 20-feet long Master Electrician Extension Cord.

Furthermore, it is best only to be used with medium-rated appliances. Even though the company claims that it is weather-resistant, we would recommend that you stick to using the Southwire Heavy-Duty Outdoor Extension Cord instead.


In conclusion, the Southwire Heavy-Duty Outdoor Extension Cord is a fantastic piece of equipment to own if you constantly work outdoors. This is meant for heavy-duty work as it is fully water-resistant and can withstand extreme weathers too. We are certain that once you buy this cord, you are set for years and years of reliable service.

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