Soundbar Versus Home Theater System

Soundbar Versus Home Theater System
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Confused as to what kind of device or system you want for your crib? There are lots of units that promise to provide you the sound and quality of a movie theater smack dab in your own home.

However, because of the sheer amount of products available, choosing can be a pain. These days, we have soundbars that are fast fixes in case you cannot afford a home theater system, but there are also experts who recommend just investing on a quality home surround sound system.

Soundbar Versus Home Theater System: What System To Choose?

We have put together this soundbar vs home theater system article to make decisions easier for you.

While it is agreed by many that a high-quality home theater system is still the way to go, it does not mean that soundbars do not have a place in all homes.

This device can be a great solution for individuals who cannot afford a complete home theater system or homeowners who need to upgrade their television speakers. We will break down what these systems can do for entertainment.


The soundbar combines a number of speakers into a single, lengthy box with a rectangular shape. It comes with less wiring compared to home theater systems, which are of course composed of several units. One can position the soundbar in front of the television set or it can be positioned beneath a TV that is mounted on the wall.

The soundbar provides stereo sound and it also includes optional surround sound or 3D modes. These modes cause the audio to be processed digitally in order to give a virtual, replicated surround sound impression.

Lots of soundbars also include an individual subwoofer speaker that comes in a large size box with a rectangular shape that houses speakers with a bigger diameter. It can generate bass tones or low-frequency sounds more efficiently compared to tinier speakers in the primary soundbar unit. The subwoofers can be wireless systems, though they still require being plugged into an electrical socket to operate.

If you are fond of watching TV shows, keep in mind that these shows are usually recorded in stereo mode so it is better if you opt to invest in high-end multi-speaker home theater systems. However, there are also soundbars that work really great with movies though of course will not be able to match the consistency and quality of high-end home cinema systems.

Soundbars are portable, compact, and they upgrade your TV speakers without too many steps or effort. They are also more affordable compared to home theater systems. However, as mentioned earlier, its virtual surround sound is not as effective or high-quality compared to a multi-speaker home theater setup.

Home Theater System

A home theater system is composed of a number of units. It typically consists of a DVD or Blu-ray player, multiple speakers and a receiver or amplifier. It fills the room with a 5.1 surround sound effect, with the 5 referring to the number of main speakers that the setup comes with.

There are 2 speakers placed behind the user on the left and right side while the 3 speakers in front are positioned on the left, right and center of the television. The 1 meanwhile refers to the number of subwoofers. Home theater systems can be as simple as 2.1 or sizable at 9.2.

Consumers can invest in a surround sound setup with a receiver or amplifier and are compatible with DVD or Blu-ray players. It is a complete package though that is typically referred to as a surround sound setup. When looking for this type of system, remember to examine the units included since there are companies and sellers who often utilize those terms reciprocally.

The majority of Blu-ray movies are recorded in multi-channel audio formats like Dolby Digital. This means that with a home theater system, you will be capable of taking in the sound in a more theater-like manner—the sound effects will be bursting behind you, to the front, and the sides, thanks to the presence of multiple speakers.

There are also specific TV shows and film channels that are recorded in surround sound mode.
A home theater system is a good choice for homeowners who are after authentic surround sound. However, it is indeed composed of several units so it can lead to clutter plus messy wires.

If you are still not sure whether you should go for a soundbar or a home theater system, you can visit your nearest electronics shop and check out such setups. Then again, the unit you need should be based on your preferences and requirements.

Knowing what you need is the secret in finding a good system for your entertainment needs. This concludes our discussion on the soundbar vs home theater system debate. Hopefully, you have more idea of the kind of unit you require.

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