Sony RMVLZ620 Universal Remote Control: A Detailed Review

Sony RMVLZ620 Universal Remote Control: A Detailed Review
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There is no doubt that a universal remote can bring a ton of simplicity and efficiency, which in turn brings peace to your house. But for those who do not know what a universal remote is, let us briefly describe it.

A universal remote looks like every other TV or home entertainment remote control with buttons all over it. However, the difference is that this one remote can imitate the signals which are sent by the original remote for your TV, AV receiver, or any other device. This is an ideal device especially for those who have a ton of remote lying around and to effectively cut down on all the confusion.

You will find quite a few options for universal remotes on the market which makes settling on one quite tough. Hence, we reviewed the Sony RMVLZ620 Universal Remote, one of the best ones you could get right now.

Sony RMVLZ620 Universal Remote Control

Sony Corporation or more commonly referred to as SONY is one of the world’s largest and most popular brands. The company is a multinational conglomerate corporation that is headquartered in Konan, Minato, Tokyo.

SONY is a diversified business which includes professional and consumer electronics, financial services, entertainment, and gaming. It is also the owner of the world’s largest music entertainment business and video game console business.

SONY is also one of the most sought-after and reputed brands in every single country in the world. Their products are well-known for their impeccable quality and durability, and this Universal Remote Control is at the same high standard as the rest of their products.


The Sony RMVLZ620 Universal Remote Control is a well-made device with ample buttons that have a great response. The remote is designed quite well. As a Sony product, the remote is highly durable and will last you for a long time.

  • Size, Design, and Ease of Use

Sony ensured to take the simplest possible route when it came to the design of their universal remote. The remote has a rectangular shape that has a curved bottom wherein the brand logo is imprinted.

The remote is black. Some buttons are black as well, while the majority of them are in white. The main power buttons are green in color to stand out.

In terms of the remote’s dimensions, it measures at 1.02 x 2.05 x 9.29 inches, while it weighs about 5.29 ounces. The sizing of a remote is essential. When we tested the product, we found that while the remote is perfect for small and regular sized hands, people who have larger hands also find this easy to use. This is mainly because the remote is quite long, has a flat back, and its curved design, all-in-all, offer a significantly better grip.

Additionally, all of the buttons on the remote are sized well. This makes it easy to find and press. The bright colors of the buttons also make them stand out instantly.

While we like the simple design, the remote can look a tad bit outdated. But thankfully, since it comes with a matte surface, you will no longer need to be worried about it being scratched and smudged.

  • Syncing

What we truly liked about this universal remote is that it comes with eight user-assignable function buttons. On the remote, the first four are labeled as A, B, C, and D, and the other four are labeled as 1, 2, 3, and 4. This is particularly great for remotes that have custom functions that would not typically fit into the standard remote’s layout.

The remote can easily control TVs, DVDs, and even the VCR you own from 1991.

  • Setting Up

While setting up this remote is not particularly tough, it requires slightly more effort than other universal remotes. To set this remote up, you will need to hold down two buttons simultaneously and then type in the code corresponding to the TV, DVD, or VCR.

  • Durability

The remote is made from strong and long-lasting plastic materials. When you drop it accidentally, it will continue to work perfectly fine.

  • Power and Range

The remote works on two AA batteries, which are included in the package. When it comes to range, it can control the synced devices within 21 feet.

Pros :

  • Neat and simple design
  • Works with almost all brands
  • Comfortable to be used by any sized hands
  • Large and visible buttons are quite large
  • Colors used for buttons are very bright
  • Scratch- and smudge-free
  • Can be synced with eight devices simultaneously
  • Well-built and highly durable


  • The setup process is not as simple as others.
  • Has to be programmed for every brand, including Sony


The Sony RMVLZ620 Universal Remote Control is a simple and neat device that can replace all of those numerous remotes in your house that leave you confused often. The remote works on two AA batteries and is built to last for a long time. Also, the matte body protects it from any scratches and smudges.

The remote comes with eight user-assignable function buttons and can work well with any TV, DVD, and VCR, as long as they are at most 21 feet away from the remote. Do note though that you need to program and sync every device you want to control, and the process is not just done with one click of a button. Nonetheless, it can control eight devices simultaneously.


To know that you are getting the best product, it is essential to compare it with another product. We found that the GE Universal Remote was perfect to compare with the Sony Universal Remote.

Other than the fact that these two are universal remotes and made by reputable brands, there is nothing really similar between the two.

For starters, the GE remote is silver in color. It is smaller in size with even smaller buttons. There are also lesser buttons, which means lesser functions. But what makes the Sony remote a clear winner is that the GE remote comes with only four user-assignable function buttons.


The Sony RMVLZ620 Universal Remote Control is undoubtedly a great device. It comes from one of the world’s best brands, so you are confident that they haven’t cut corners on its quality. In addition, the remote comes with eight user-assignable function buttons which ensure easy accessibility for several devices at the same time.

We are certain that this one remote will replace all those countless remotes which are making your life miserable!


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