Sony BDP-S1500 Region-Free Blu-Ray Player Review

Sony BDP-S1500 Region-Free Blu-Ray Player Review
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While the world may be obsessed with streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix for the plethora of content they offer, there are still some apparent benefits of physical media and watching them on the best possible Blu-ray players. Without a doubt, a Blu-ray player can provide you with a true cinematic experience with its uncompressed video quality and other special features. However, because there are many Blu-ray players on the market, selecting one that is loaded with all the must-have features can get a bit difficult.

Beyond just the image quality, you might also need some extras that would be worth considering. These may include the ability to watch 3D movies or use it as a PlayStation. Hence, we’ll make your job easier by doing an in-depth review of the Sony BDP-S1500 Region-Free Blu-Ray Player.

Sony BDP-S1500 Region-Free Blu-Ray Player

Sony is a Japanese company that is headquartered in Tokyo and is considered to be one of the best in its field. This multinational conglomerate corporation has diversified business which includes consumer as well as professional electronics, entertainment, financial services, and gaming.

The company is also known for its music entertainment business and the video game console business that is extremely sought-after. In fact, they have been listed in the Fortune Global 500 List in 2018. As such, any product from this company is guaranteed that it will last you a long time.


Now you can watch all your favorite movies in full HD with the Sony BDP-S1500 Region-Free Blu-Ray Player. Every image displayed through this player is crystal clear and highly detailed.

The colors you see in the videos will take on a rich new intensity. The player also has a super-fast loading time and will boot instantly, which will let you get straight to the action.

  • Design and Size

If the design of an electric appliance is important to you, then this Sony Blu-ray Player will surely hit the mark. This player’s design is straight up and sleek with no extra bells and whistles. The player’s design is minimal which is elegantly crafted to complement any space.

The entire device is black. It is a slim rectangle box with a height of just 3.9 centimeters and a width of 23 centimeters. It weighs no more than two pounds, which ensures that it can fit even in the tightest of spots in your house.

  • Full HD

With the Sony Blu-ray Player, you can experience high-quality and bright detail throughout every single content you watch. These include your Blu-ray discs, DVDs, as well as the online content you stream.

Additionally, this player can upscale even the standard definition DVD movies to almost near HD quality. So, regardless of the quality of the video, you would still be able to enjoy it to the fullest.


Need the brightest and most accurate possible colors from your movies? Then you will surely be glad to know that the Sony Blu-ray Player comes with TRILUMINOS color palette.

This brings your viewing experience to life. This is only exclusive to Sony and is optimized for use with TVs that have TRILUMINOS.

This feature is particularly great as it ensures that the typically hard-to-replace aqua blues, emerald greens, and reds are displayed beautifully. As such, the seascapes and the landscapes look more realistic.

  • Streaming Services

Want to use your Blu-ray player but don’t have any Blu-ray discs or DVDs? That is totally fine as the player allows you access to more than 300 streaming services. That includes Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube.

With a fast broadband connection along with a valid subscription to streaming services, you will be able to enjoy music, movies, TV shows, videos, and more, all through the Sony Blu-ray Player.

  • PlayStation Now

For those folks who are obsessed with playing games on the PlayStation, you will no longer need the console since the Sony Blu-ray Player features PlayStation Now. This allows you to stream and play all of your PlayStation 3 games with the DUALSHOCK 4 controller. Do note that the controller needs to be purchased separately.

  • Convenience

The player works on all TVs that have an HDMI connection. Likewise, it has a quick start and a fast boot-up that takes no more than a second.


  • Simple and sleek design
  • Lightweight
  • Can make even SD content appear as close as full HD
  • Bright and realistic colors
  • Allows access to multiple streaming services
  • Can be used with PlayStation directly
  • Has a quick boot-up time


  • Issues playing Blu-ray discs from certain regions.
  • Does not feature 4K viewing quality
  • Maybe a tad bit outdated
  • Batteries and controller sold separately


The Sony BDP-S1500 Region-Free Blu-Ray Player is an excellent product for those looking to view their DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and CDs or watch content from the numerous online streaming services. It can make even SD content to look like full HD, and the TRILUMINOS feature ensures that your viewing experience comes to life with the bright and bold colors. It also features PlayStation Now, which allows you to play your games with the controller, which is not included, without the console.


We compared the Sony BDP-S1500 Region-Free Blu-Ray Player to the Samsung Curved Blu-Ray Player to see how well it holds up. It wasn’t surprising that the Sony player is a better choice. Let us tell you why.

While Samsung’s curved design is truly eye-catching, it lacks a ton of features. For starters, it is not a region-free Blu-ray player. Likewise, it lacks the full HD upscaling and the PlayStation Now feature.

But most importantly, it does not feature the countless streaming services that the Sony player offers. At most, the Samsung player offers only six different streaming services, which is a tad bit disappointing.


The Sony BDP-S1500 Region-Free Blu-Ray Player is a product you certainly won’t regret buying. It offers truly amazing colors that will take your viewing experience to a whole different level.

Furthermore, its many streaming services amongst other features make this player simply fantastic. We highly recommend this one!


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