Rockville RHB70 Home Theater Speaker Review

Rockville RHB70 Home Theater Speaker Review
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Rockville RHB70 Home Theater Speaker: QUICK OVERVIEW


Value For Money



What We Like

  • Can connect to numerous devices
  • Straightforward controls
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Value for money
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Stylish appearance

What We Don't Like

  • No warranty
  • Not cordless

Whether you’re having a party, watching a game, or just meditating, a good sound system can make all the difference. Consequently, if you’ve noticed your current speakers pushing out less volume or producing static, popping, or crackling sounds, it’s time for an upgrade.

Even though many people don’t realize this, but home speakers are an important investment. If taken care of properly, they can last a long time while letting you fully enjoy your favorite music or movies. Accordingly, a little research before buying a home speaker can save you any regrets

Rockville RHB70
Home Theater Speaker Review

Rockville RHB70 Home Theater Speaker

Rockville was founded in the USA with the aim to provide the best audio systems for various purposes. Their team consists of numerous talented designers, engineers, and most importantly, dreamers. They pride themselves on delivering the highest quality products.

Besides home speakers, they also manufacture professional audio gear, marine audio gear, and car stereo systems. Hence, if you’re planning to buy their home speaker, you can rest assured that these guys know what they’re doing. Specifically, their RHB70 Compact Powered Speaker is a piece of wonder.


Here are some of the qualities of the Rockville RHB70 Home Theater Speaker:

  • Build

If you’re looking for a home speaker which produces good sound but isn’t chunky or massive, the RHB70 is the one for you. The speaker has dimensions of 4.73 x 9.65 x 10.64 inches. You can comfortably place it anywhere you like without having to clear things and make space for it specifically.

Additionally, the speaker weighs just over five pounds, so you can easily carry it from room to room as the need arises. Likewise, if you’re worried about the speaker clashing with your interior décor, fortunately, the RHB70 doesn’t lack anything in the appearance department either. Besides the full wood enclosure that gives the best sound, the speaker has a cherry wood finish which will add a beautiful touch to your room.

  • Sound Quality

The size can be deceiving when it comes to this speaker. Despite its compact build, the speaker can push out sound at a high volume with excellent quality. Whether you’re playing some beats for a party or watching a musical on your TV, it’ll be hard to convince anyone that this speaker from Rockville is behind the magic.

It comes with two built-in three-inch speakers along with a built-in four-inch subwoofer for when you really want to enjoy the bass sound. Furthermore, there is a high-powered amplifier built right in the speaker, which provides fantastic sound quality.

  • Compatibility

When it comes to a home speaker, how compatible it is with other devices is vital. Imagine spending loads of money on an expensive speaker, only to find that you can’t connect it to your phone because it doesn’t support Bluetooth. Luckily, the Rockville RHB70 Home Speaker is compatible with a range of devices to provide ease and versatility.

It has built-in Bluetooth which you can use to connect it with any smart device such as your cell phone, tablet, and laptop. The speaker uses a high-quality Bluetooth chip that doesn’t distort sound in any way. Also, it has a range of 35 feet, so you don’t need to stick by the speaker uncomfortably.

The home speaker also has a built-in port for a USB as well as one for an SD card. You can simply store songs in them and plug it into the speaker to start listening to your favorite tracks.

Additionally, the package also comes with a 3.5mm dual RCA cable which you can use to connect the speaker to your TV, laptop, phone, or any other device. What’s more, the speaker can also act as an FM radio.

  • Ease of Use

With all the technology around us getting smarter and smarter, it seems to be getting more complicated too. The good thing is that this home speaker is incredibly easy to use. It has digital controls on the front for easy access and an LED, which shows the volume level, track number, and other details.

Moreover, the speaker comes with a convenient battery operated remote control. No need to walk over to the speaker to adjust settings constantly.

In case of any confusion, you can refer to the handy user manual. Besides that, the speaker runs on your usual 110v outlet. There’s also a handle on top for easy carrying.


If you’ve already started thinking about cutting down on your expenses so that you can afford an amazing home speaker, there’s no need for that. The best thing about the corded and remote-controlled Rockville RHB70 Home Theater Speaker is that it’s affordable. For this small price and although it doesn't come with a warranty, you get a fantastic sound quality, a highly versatile unit, and immensely easy-to-use technology.


When in doubt, a simple comparison is a trick to convince you. As such, we’ll compare the Rockville RHB70 Home Theater Speaker with the Sonos Play Wireless Smart Speaker.

Similar to the Rockville, this speaker from Sonos is also compact, lightweight, has excellent sound quality, and is easy to use. It even has some additional features like voice control, options to pair with other Sonos speakers, and an app to control it from wherever you are. However, there are areas where it lags as compared to Rockville.

The Sonos does not offer versatility as the RHB70 does. There are no ports or cables to connect it to your TV, laptop, or other devices. It only relies on WiFi, which can be a limiting factor.

Moreover, you can only control it using the app or the manual controls on the speaker. Since many users have reported problems with the app, it can become a hassle to use it.

The voice control function also requires another device which needs to be bought separately. Most importantly, the Sonos speaker is three times more expensive than the price of the Rockville speaker.

Final Verdict

No matter how you look at it, the Rockville RHB70 Home Theater Speaker is a clear winner. It is better in terms of features, convenience, user-friendliness, and value for money. It’s the perfect speaker to add to your home theater system!

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