Pulaski Power Home Theater Recliner Review

Pulaski Power Home Theater Recliner Review
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When looking to upgrade your home entertainment experience, a great quality image or impressive surround sound system are great additions. However, they’re all wasted if you can’t comfortably enjoy the movie.

Home theater seating is the ultimate luxury when looking to increase your comfort at home. These seating options offer the feel of an authentic movie experience with the added bonus of all the modern day conveniences. Not only designed for movie or TV show marathons, the design of these recliners revolves around comfort which inevitably makes them great for numerous activities including working or napping.

With the home theater market expected to exceed $28 billion in the USA alone by 2023, it’s easy to see the growing demand for functional yet comfortable home theater seating. Lazy boy recliners have always had their place in our homes, but they have recently received an upgrade as they’re filled with new technology.

Hence, this review aims to provide a clear understanding of the Pulaski Power Recliner. We’ve compiled a list of its features as well as pros and cons so that by the end of this article, you should have a clear understanding if this is the right purchase for you or not.

Pulaski Power Home Theater Recliner



Pulaski was first established back in 1955 and originally constructed bedroom and dining room furniture. It wasn’t long until Pulaski expanded into home entertainment, occasional, and accent furniture.

Named after a town in Virginia, Pulaski prides itself on its outstanding craftsmanship and refined tastes. Ever adapting, they continuously update their collections, so whether traditional, contemporary or transitional, you’ll be able to find a piece to suit your home.

With that in mind, the Pulaski Power Home Theater Recliner is said to be designed for those looking for a little self-indulgence while watching their favorite movie or TV show in the comfort of their home. The company also claims that this recliner is great for those looking to upgrade from their existing recliner to one with a few more extra features. Let’s break down its features below.


  • Inputs and Outputs

This recliner comes with two USB ports and one 110V power outlet that are conveniently located in the armrest for those needing to charge their devices from the comfort of their seat. These can be easily accessed through a simple push of a button.

  • Accessories

A swivel tray table that can attach directly to either armrest as well as being easily stored in the armrest when not in use is also included. This is great for a laptop if the need to work interrupts your movie marathon; otherwise, it’s a great place to lay your snacks.

Additionally, a cup holder located on each armrest is also integrated; one for a light beverage to enjoy with a movie, the other for a coffee to keep you awake as you binge watch an entire series.

  • Construction and Design

The chair’s contemporary faux leather design creates a breathable and durable seating area that is also easy to clean, which is very handy for those unfortunate drink spillages. The material itself is 80% polyester and 20% polyurethane.

This chair has a fully adjustable powered reclining that allows you to select an infinite number of seating positions to match the intensity of your movie. Likewise, you can also fully recline it for a quick nap in between movies.


  • Multipurpose
  • Affordable
  • Multiple recline positions
  • Four available colors
  • Easy to maintain


  • Limited instructions regarding electrical assembly
  • Basic design
  • Non-adjustable headrest


The Pulaski Power Recliner offers all of the modern day conveniences we could need coupled with the comfortable, top-quality construction. This is a great recliner for device charging due to its multiple USB ports and 110V power outlet. Users can also place their laptop on the tray table while charging it directly from the recliner’s outlet, which means no more trail of cables around the house.

While the design could be a bit more exciting, the minimalist approach and faux leather aspect will help it look great in a magnitude of homes. What is better is that it manages all of this for a very competitive price.


The Pulaski Power Recliner is a no-holds-barred fully functional multimedia chair that is a great fit for those looking to relax while surrounded by their modern day comforts. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to have something a little bit simpler while still enjoying the comfort you’re used to.

For those looking to make a change by having a less extravagant model but also want to stick to a brand, the Pulaski Callan Power Recliner would be a better fit. It offers the same level of comfort but without the extra bells and whistles.

On the other side, if you prefer a powered recliner offering more features and perhaps from a different brand, you may be interested in the Seatcraft Solstice Recliner. Seatcraft is a very well respected seat manufacturer, and the Solstice features many of their advancements.

Basically, you’ll see many features that are similar to the Pulaski model but with the addition of powered headrests, built-in sound shakers, and cool-gel foam. These added extra do add to the price, but it’s good to know what alternatives are available.


The Pulaski Power Recliner is an excellent choice for those looking for home theater seating that can meet all of their needs. This recliner brings the movie theater experience to your home without the lack of leg space or worn out seating. It’s extremely versatile without losing the extra comfort.

Its minimalist design is also available in a range of colors allowing it to complement any living room environment seamlessly. The only downsides we can find with the Pulaski are the inability to adjust the headrest and the somewhat safe design.

Otherwise, it delivers exactly what you’d expect from a powered recliner.  It also helps that Pulaski is a trusted and well-established brand reassuring customers of the quality of their product. Hence, this is a great recliner not only for home theater needs but also for general comfort or even for a more enjoyable workstation.

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