Mighty Rock Sound Bar: A Sound Bar for Your Home

Mighty Rock Sound Bar A Sound Bar for Your Home
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When it comes to music-listening and movie-viewing experience, it is believed that you should have either surround sound systems or some speakers. That is because your television’s integrated speaker almost always produces muffled sound, especially when played at high volumes. However, some people have sort of ditched surround sound systems because they tend to be a bit cumbersome. Most individuals are now more in favor of a soundbar as it usually comes in a group of at least five speakers.

If in case you are not fully aware of what a soundbar is and its functionality, it is a broad loudspeaker that can project loudly from its wide enclosure design. It is designed in a way where its width is more than its height exponentially. Soundbar owners generally connect them to their television sets, projectors or computers. With such versatility, it is great to consider getting a soundbar for your home, and if you are opting to buy one, you might want to look at the Mighty Rock Sound Bar.

The Mighty Rock Sound Bar is a 2018 model that can be purchased with or without expert set up assistance. It can be installed on the wall and placed on top of a table, TV stand. or floor. Upon purchase, customers will enjoy an 18-month warranty offer and 24-hour customer service and email support.

Mighty Rock Sound Bar Features

  • Size dimension is at 3.95 x 43.31 x 2.27 inches
  • Weighs about eight pounds
  • This product is integrated with Bluetooth technology.
  • It has 72 Watts of power.
  • The soundbar is equipped with a 2.0 channel.
  • It has optical, RCA, and AUX connectivity capabilities.
  • The product comes with remote control, a user’s manual, a power adapter, and an audio cable that has a 3.5 millimeters length,


  • Wired and wireless connectivity capabilities
  • The remote control that comes with the product will allow you to adjust the volume levels and your Bluetooth-enabled music device’s settings as well as help you change the channel of your TV, the movie you are watching, and the music played.
  • The sound produced by this product is clear, free from muffles, and fills the room.
  • Four high-quality speakers with a modern design


  • This item’s shipping packaging is not well protected, so your soundbar may come with cracks and be unusable.
  • The cabling that comes with this soundbar is only three feet long. If the inputs are on the right side of your television, this may be an issue as the cables are on the left side of the soundbar, so more cabling will be required, and you will have to cover that expense.
  • There is no rumble bass sound.
  • This product might not be for use out of the USA because of the voltage difference between different countries.
  • It does not come with wall-mount brackets.

A Summary of What the Product Can Offer

The Mighty Rock Sound Bar has a lot of features that make it desirable. It is slim and lightweight making it possible for you to fit it anywhere in your house. In fact, mounting it on the wall can be an option, but you just need to buy a mounting bracket and a more extended audio cable.

You can also connect this soundbar to your devices with or without wires since it has a Bluetooth connectivity option. In addition, navigating the channels of your sound system or television as well as adjusting the volume of the soundbar will also be less of a hassle since it comes with a remote control.

On the flip side, there are issues with the shipping package which may cause damages to the soundbar. Nonetheless, the company has a customer service department and offers a warranty for easier replacement of the unit. The cables that come with it are also too short which requires you to buy another one if you need a different setup.

Also, this product can only be used within the USA or countries that have the same electrical voltages. Likewise, the bass sound that is produced is not as high quality as you will expect. Hence, you might need to shell out some cash to buy a subwoofer if you want to improve such.

Nonetheless, these disadvantages can be managed, so the issues are not too critical or pressing. Similarly, getting anything that is perfect will be a task, so the decision to buy the soundbar will always be up to you.

Comparison with Another Brand

The Mighty Rock Sound Bar can be compared with the VIZIO SB3821-C6 Sound Bar since it also has Bluetooth connectivity capabilities and can also be mounted on the wall and placed under the television. Likewise, the optical cable that needs to be connected to the TV is also short. However, what is interesting about this soundbar is that it comes with a wireless subwoofer, so there is no need to worry about your bass not being strong enough.

This soundbar can play up to 100 decibels of sound, but it is not advisable that you expose yourself to such sound level. Adjusting the volume and navigating through the channels and playlist will also not be a hassle as it comes with remote control. The problem is that this product is said to have a lifetime of two years even though it is more expensive than the Mighty Rock Sound Bar.

Final Verdict

Staying at home while watching a great movie, sports competition, or a television show as well as listening to your favorite music is an incomparable experience. That can be further enhanced once you choose to buy a sound system like the Mighty Rock Sound Bar. It is recommended if you are a kind of person who just wants to make sure that you hear every little sound that is incorporated into the film you are watching or music you are listening too. Although having a good bass sound might be better, this is really not a concern as it is more important for musicians.

Budget-wise, this product is one of the most affordable that has both wireless and wired configurations as well as various cable port capabilities. However, if you really opt for quality bass sound, you might need to spend more.

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