Leviton AEH50-WH Home Cinema Speaker System Review: The Best Home Theater System for Small Spaces?

Leviton AEH50-WH Home Cinema Speaker System Review: The Best Home Theater System for Small Spaces?
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If you have a small space, but you want to set up a home theater system, what should you do? The logical step is to get a system that is small enough but offers high-quality surround sound, right? That is precisely what we are going to talk about in this article.

We are going to review the Leviton Home Cinema Speaker System and determine the features that will suit our purpose. Additionally, we listed down the advantages and disadvantages of using it. In the end, you will know if this system stands up to its name.


When setting up your home theater system, the speakers look like nothing as they blend into a white background. The shape of the speakers is also perfect for small spaces.

  • This system that has five channels that can be modified to be six to seven channels.
  • The operation is surround sound with added satellite speakers that are AESS5.
  • It includes five mounting brackets that are adjustable and are architectural-grade.
  • It includes a subwoofer that has 100 watts and is 18 inches combined with an RCA cable that is used for input.
  • The five satellites have shielding to them that are video magnetic, so you can put them close to the screen of the TV without getting any type of static or problems.
  • The five satellites come with a woofer that is 2.5 inches and a tweeter that is 0.5 inches.
  • The speakers are based on the signature lines for monitors of the studio of JBL. These were made so for clarity of sound.
  • The satellites are connected directly to the speaker terminals of the receiver.
  • The subwoofer connects to the two jacks for “LFE OUT” and “SUB OUT.”
  • Its exterior is color white.
  • It is mostly compatible with past releases of speakers, equalizers, and surrounds.
  • It is not for the standard in-ceiling or in-wall installation.


  • You get good and clear audio out of the system.
  • The bass that you get is decent compared to other small speakers.
  • It will be perfect to use in a small space, as it can fill that area with sound easily.
  • Installing this system is very easy. It is just like a plug and play.
  • It can pick up faint sounds in the movie, like the rustling of leaves and the pit-pat of water droplets.
  • You can customize the system when you have a bigger room; all you have to do is to add more satellites.
  • Even if you have a different brand of receiver, you can still use this as it pairs well with a lot of different receivers.
  • The speakers themselves are quite small, so they are easy to store and easy to mount.


  • The sound is generally great, but it lacks depth. You cannot hear the lower mid-range and the upper bass register.
  • You get just a slightly surround feel, and that is also conditional based on the position of the satellites.
  • If you use it often, with movies that have strong bass sounds, it will eventually break the satellites.
  • There will be times that the woofer will automatically shut off if it detects that there is too much sound frequency.
  • The speakers are small in size that they cannot withstand too much pressure. This, in turn, makes them fragile.
  • When the music reaches its peak, or the overture, the sound that will come out, is stripped of its quality. It might get too thin than the original, but this is something that a regular “non-musically inclined person” will not notice.
  • The subwoofer has a tendency to overheat.

Summary of the Features

The Leviton Home Cinema Speaker System is a quaint home theater system that offers quality surround sound. It has five satellites that have shielding on them, so you can place them near your TV screen.

At the same time, its color is white, so it will match most of your general furnishings. Although small, it can still produce quality sounds because it is based on JBL’s patented technology. Its make-up can also be customized, as you can turn the five channels to six, and even up to seven.

Further, the speakers are compatible with most receivers, even if they come from a different brand. This includes a subwoofer and an RCA cable for the external accessories. As for the satellites, they come with their own woofer and tweeter.

Additionally, this type of set up is really not ideal for in-wall installation, which is the best way to get good surround sound quality. However, without that setup, this system can still provide a “good-enough surround.”

Comparison with the Yamaha Home Theater Speaker System

The Yamaha Home Theater Speaker System might just prove to be better than the Leviton Home Cinema Speaker System in terms of the equipment that the former has included with the basic system. With regard to sound quality, it is still a losing streak for the Leviton.

So, in what case does it win? It wins by a fraction, in terms of set up. For the Yamaha to work as great as it is, and provide full surround sound, you have to set it up in the standard in-wall setup. Meaning, you have to mount it.

On the other hand, the Leviton one was built not to be mounted. It can perform well without the standard setup for a home theater system.


The Leviton Home Cinema Speaker System is your best bet if you have a small area. You do not have to bother with a lot of installations; all you have to do is place the satellites wherever you want, and you are good to go. If you are someone who is knowledgeable in the world of surround sound, you will find this system lacking.

However, if you just want to enhance your viewing experience, then this is a good pick. It does have its share of pros and cons, but at the end of the day, it still gives out a decent amount of sound, for the space that you have.

Definitely, there is a reason why they made the channels customizable, and that reason is, you have to get more attachments for the system to work best.

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