How to Watch Movies That Are Still in Theaters at Home?

How to Watch Movies That Are Still in Theaters at Home?
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Raise your hand if you are a movie buff! We completely understand the obsession of watching every movie right when it releases. However, these days, none of us like getting out of home to the theaters; that’s just too much effort. In that light, do you wish to know how to watch movies that are still in theaters at home? Is that even possible or do you need to break a hundred laws in order to do so?

Let us tell you right away that the legal way to watch movies while they are still in theaters is going to cost you a fortune. That should not come as a surprise, though. After all, these movies are literally running in the theaters. You wouldn’t expect Hollywood producers to distribute the movies willy-nilly for peanuts, would you?

So, without further ado, let’s shed some light on the ways it is possible to watch movies as they run in the theater.

How to Watch Movies That Are Still in Theaters at Home

There may be multiple reasons why you would want to watch a movie that’s still running in the theaters at home, and at the very top of that list would be convenience. While the experience of watching a movie in a theater would be nice, having a pesky tween texting or talking right behind you is never fun.

Besides, if you have invested in a high-end home theater system in your home, like Steinway Lyngdorf, Meyer Sound, JBL, Bose, and the likes, who wouldn’t want to watch movies only at home?

Here is the low-down on avoiding movie theaters altogether and watching brand new movies at home. Do note, though, that the ones we will mention below are exclusive to the Los Angeles area. These may be different in your city. There is also a possibility there is no way you can avail this service in your city.

  • The Bel Air Circuit

Looking to watch the next Avengers movie alongside its cast like Robert Downey Jr., Chris Pratt or Scarlett Johansson? Then the Bel Air Circuit is what you want to be a part of.

The Bel Air Circuit is extremely exclusive. This isn’t exactly a club or an organization though, but it is just a phrase for those people who have a ton of connections in the Hollywood industry, and you can get professional cinema gear right in your home.

For this, the typical requirements for the entry would be to have your own theater (or know someone closely who owns one) and register it as a professional cinema with film distributors or labs, such as Deluxe or Technicolor. This is to prove that you are in the entertainment industry with more than enough clout to get the studios to approve adding your theater name to the list.

However, this still does not guarantee you all films or studios. Certain directors make their movies very limited to the circuit to increase its demand. So, those theaters with a ton of influence typically get all movies.

Furthermore, even if you do own a theater, you cannot have equipment from brands like LG, Vizio, Samsung, or the brands you are used to hearing. You need to have high-end equipment from brands like Dolby, Barco, Christie, and NEC, which are known to specialize in D-Cinema equipment. These are the kind of equipment you would find at the AMC or Arclight.

  • Prima Cinema

Not a big Hollywood hotshot? Then, you can choose Prima Cinema, the next best thing after the Bel Air Circuit. Prima Cinema is a device that will give you access to all the new releases but in a more consumer-friendly manner. To give you a rough idea, think of Netflix on steroids.

You will get sensational sound and uncompressed picture quality that will blow your mind away. However, it goes without saying that these new releases at such fantastic quality come at a high price.

For starters, the hardware itself sells for a whopping $35,000, and if you want the new 4K unit along with the Dolby Atmos, then be ready to shell out $50,000. It doesn’t end there. To watch any new movie, you will have to spend roughly about $500 each.

Still, in a way, this is far more accessible than the Bel Air Circuit. Yet, the question is, is the cost worth it to you?

  • IMAX Private Theater

If you own a home theatre system, then you can consider calling the guys at IMAX and having them fix their product called the IMAX Private Theater. This is a system that you would typically expect in a professional theater but is slightly scaled down for your home.

Then again, you have to know that this is going to cost you no less than 2.25 million dollars.

  • Screening Room

There is something called the Screening Room, which is developed by Sean Parker of Facebook and Napster fame. The idea is to release a new movie to a set-top box along with the theaters, and then charge users no more than $50 a movie.

While this venture was backed by Hollywood giants such as Peter Jackson, Ron Howard, and Steven Spielberg, we have no hope that this is ever going to happen. Why? Both the European and North American theater groups, along with Disney, have come out against this. This makes the studios quite reticent to upset these giants.

When All Else Fails: Piracy

We could not reach the end of this article and not talk about piracy. Piracy is no secret. Everyone is well aware of what this is and how to find new releases. In fact, a quick Google search will give you the top results for what you’re looking for.

While this method is obviously illegal and could possibly land you in trouble with your local authorities, there is a major downside to watching pirated movies. The biggest issue with these movies is that they have the worst audio and video quality.

In fact, most of the time, new movies are recorded on someone’s phone in a movie theater. So, you can expect what kind of audio and video quality you will end up getting. Another major setback is, more often than not, your downloaded file might contain harmful computer viruses and malware. Yikes!


So, now you know how to watch movies that are still in theaters at home. While we would love to say try out one of the options (other than piracy) we have mentioned, we are well aware that not even 1% of our readers can afford something that expensive. Our advice? Bite the bullet and just watch new releases at your closest movie theater.

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