How to Setup a Karaoke System With Home Theater

How to Setup a Karaoke System With Home Theater
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Singing is one of the activities that friends and families enjoy doing. Combine loud sounds, good music, some dancing, food to munch and maybe even some alcohol to ensure that everyone has a good time. But one does not need to go elsewhere to do this fun bonding activity. It can be done at home especially if one has a home theater. Do not worry if you do not know how to setup a karaoke system with home theater since the task is relatively easy. In fact, many people can do the set-up in just a matter of minutes!

Throwing a karaoke party at home is a fun way to bring friends and family together. Aside from the home theater system, one would also need to prepare a couple of other things like a simple karaoke player, microphones, connection from player to home theater and the seats and lighting. Of course, do not forget the food and drinks.

The Karaoke Player: Where the Fun Starts

It is not enough that you have a home a theater system. One also needs a decent karaoke machine or player. There are plenty on the market these days that come equipped with handy features. Some models come with pre-installed song libraries, built-in speakers, multiple microphone slots, USB slots, and microphones, just to name a few.
But again, you do not have to worry since many of these new karaoke machine players are easy to use since they are usually the plug-and-play types.

How to Setup a Karaoke System With Home Theater: Easy Steps

Some people want to throw karaoke parties since they already have a home theater but are hesitant to do so because they do not know how to setup a karaoke system with home theater. If you are one of them, then do not fret since using the home theater for some singing is no rocket science and in fact, only takes a couple of minutes.

  1. Take out the karaoke machine and look for the stereo cables.
  2. Hold the white and red plugs and insert them into the audio OUT jacks of the karaoke machine. Make sure that you plug the white one on the left audio and the red plug to the right one. If you are unfamiliar with where these audio jacks can be found, then check at the back or the front since these are where these jacks are normally located.
  3. Now go to the sound receiver of the home theater system. Bring the other end of the stereo cables and connect the plugs to the audio input jacks of the home theater’s speakers. Make sure that the plugs are well connected otherwise they may not work correctly.
  4. Turn on the karaoke machine as well as the sound receiver of the home theater.
  5. Look for the receiver’s selectors knob and set it to the jacks that are connected to the karaoke machine.

Consider the Sound Mixer

To complete the whole party vibe during karaoke sessions at home, then consider getting a sound mixer, too. Sound mixers act like audio splitters since they can mix various input sources like the music and microphones then send it to the speaker as a package.

Karaoke sound mixers also come in different kinds as some models have built-in dials or controls to allow users to adjust the microphone volume and others even let users tune for echo, tone, and balance. Do not worry as most of the sound mixers also work great with karaoke machines and receivers or amplifiers.

The Microphones: More than Just Props

Arguably, one can sing music even without a microphone. But a karaoke party without microphones would be very boring. The best way to enjoy a home karaoke party is to have several microphones. It is one of the best ways to have so much fun! After all, what is a karaoke party without a duet or some group singing?

Again, do not worry as microphones do not have to be the studio-grade types. One only needs quality microphones which are easily available on the market and are sold for reasonable prices.

Moreover, there are two options for microphones, the wireless and the wired ones. The wireless option gives more flexibility as the one singing can freely move around or even dance with a wireless mic. However, wireless microphones have a downside as they are harder to set up than a wired one.

On the other hand, wired microphones can be set up quickly and without much fuss. However, the wires may be a bit cumbersome and can reduce the movement of the singer. Not to mention, it can cause people roaming around the singing area to trip and even fall. It wouldn’t hurt to take some precautions when using this type of mic.

Lights and Seats for A Great Party

Now that you have the equipment and sounds ready, it is time to pay some attention to the seating arrangement as well as the lights to be used during the home karaoke session.
Find additional seats for the guests if you only have, let us say, a couch for your home entertainment seating. You may pull some of the chairs from other areas of the house like the dining chairs or desk chairs from other rooms.

If one does not have space in the area where the home theater system is located, then it would be a good idea to move to a different room if this is possible. However, moving the entire home theater set up might be difficult and even impossible especially if the speakers are inserted on the walls or ceilings. You may just want to cram more chairs in the already limited space.

Meanwhile, lights will also do wonders for the party. If you have pin lights, then you can use them for some mood lighting during the karaoke party. If there is none, you may want to consider getting a floor lamp or any other lamp to add some ambiance to the party.
More importantly, take some time to cook or order food so guests could enjoy the party even more. If you do not have the time nor additional cash to burn food and drinks, then make it a potluck karaoke party and ask guests to bring some food and booze. A party ain’t a party without some good food and drinks!

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