How To Setup a Home Theater Karaoke System

How To Setup a Home Theater Karaoke System
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More and more people are beginning to enjoy the good life, and that in itself is another reason why you should have a karaoke system in your home, especially if you have a state-of-the-art home theater speaker set. Aside from knowing how to get the perfect volume, as well as the perfect bass and tone levels on your speaker set, it also helps to know how to setup a home theater karaoke system.

A karaoke system is simple enough to use, but the amount of fun that it brings to a party is immeasurable, especially if you and your friends all like singing along to your favorite tunes.

Having a Karaoke System: The Benefits

Some of the other benefits of having a karaoke system at home include the following:

  • Saves Money
    A karaoke system does use up electricity and can drive up your electric bill. However, compared to the cost of a night out going to a karaoke bar and ordering overpriced food and drinks for only a couple of hours enjoyment, then bringing the fun home with your reliable home karaoke system will save you money. Heck, the cost of one night out can be equivalent to the increase in your monthly electric bill!
  • Improves Talent
    Most people go to a karaoke bar to validate their talent in singing and, if you feel that you’re not there yet, it would be great to have your karaoke system so you can improve and further develop your karaoke skills. Skills already on par with bar patrons? Owning a karaoke system at home lets you rehearse your favorite songs, and it also allows you to experiment and come up with adlibs for your performance.
  • Better Karaoke Bar Experience
    While nothing can beat being in an actual bar and competing with people you do not know, owning a karaoke system lets you experience a slightly better bar experience since you will be among friends and you know how drunk they can be. No rowdy bouncers and crazy bartenders as well, so win-win!
  • No Closing Time
    Come on! You won the place; you dictate when you would start singing and when you would cease owning the night. Be sensitive to the volume settings though as you might have neighbors with really low tolerance to noise and music.
  • Unlimited Snacks and Drinks
    Technically, this would depend on how stocked your pantry and alcohol closet is. Generally speaking, you would be able to serve your favorite dishes and will be able to control what goes into the food. The upside here is that you get to mix your drinks to your preference. A downside is that nobody will buy you drinks to validate your physical appearance.
  • No Designated Driver Required
    Since you will be belting your hearts out while drowning in alcohol at home, there would be no need for a designated driver as you can just lay your head wherever you are sitting and snooze. This goes the same for your guests as well, unless you are hosting a pretty large karaoke party.

Karaoke Setup: The Needed Components

Since you would be adding the karaoke system to an existing home theater setup, there is no need to purchase any additional equipment. Although we still recommend you to invest in a few microphones and a mixer just to be on the safe side.

  • Monitor
    This would be your television set or projector screen. Make sure that it is large enough to display the lyrics with readable fonts.
  • Speaker Sets
    This is where your surround sound speaker set would come in. A 5.1 Channel speaker set is enough to provide a great karaoke experience, as long as the speakers are correctly placed, of course.
  • AV Receiver
    The central hub of a home theater system, the audio-visual receiver receives the audio-visual signals and relays them to the output channels. Some AV receivers often act as amplifiers and mixers at the same time, saving you room and money.
  • Microphone
    Probably the most important component since this is what often causes petty fights amongst friends. Microphones serve as the conduit to which the singers would belt out their tunes with.
  • Karaoke Players
    The quintessential component and the mother ship of the karaoke experience. This lets you sing along to songs and score you on how well you did. Karaoke players come in the following options:

1. Disc Player
This is a multi-disc player that can play one song from this CD and then another on that CD. The drawback of using disc players is the availability of the medium since makers are now pushing for digital copies instead of physical ones. Later models do come with USB ports for additional file support, but it does not always work.

2. Hard Drive Player
This player has dedicated software that reads off songs from its internal hard drive. This is much better than the disc player as it ensures no skipping and degradation of files.

3. Computer Software
This is fast becoming the player of choice for most karaoke systems as it uses the same hardware as the hard drive players, plus you don’t have to purchase a new device since you can use any laptop or computer that you have on hand. A drawback here is that the computer or laptop would be overused and might need to be replaced sooner, especially if you sing every day and night.

4. All-in-One Systems
As the name implies, this player already has everything, from players to mixers and speaker sets, as well as the monitors and amplifiers. Although you can hook this up with your home theater system, it will be redundant, and it might cause some technical issues along the way.

How To Setup a Home Theater Karaoke System: The Steps

Knowing how to setup a home theater karaoke system surrounds speaker sets is as easy as counting one to twenty. Check out the steps below:

  1. Connect the Audio plugs from the output ports of the Karaoke Player to the input ports on the AV Receiver.
  2. Connect the Video plugs from the output ports of the Karaoke Player to the input ports on the TV or projector.
  3. Turn on the Karaoke Player and the AV Receiver, as well as the rest of the home theater equipment.
  4. Check if the video would display and if the sound would match the video output.
  5. Plug the microphone in and test the volume.
  6. Sing your hearts out.

A home karaoke system is a great way to bond with your friends and family. It is also a nice addition to your entertainment system and guarantees that a simple night of bonding will turn out to be better than expected, effectively bringing you closer to each other.

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