How to Hook Up a Soundbar: A Complete Guide

How to Hook Up a Soundbar: A Complete Guide
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If you want to boost up the sound quality of your television, getting a soundbar is one of the best decisions since it looks minimal, stylish, and can decrease the wire clutter around your TV. You can also add a number of devices to your soundbar at the same time. However, most of the time, people inquire about how to hook up a soundbar.

The soundbar lets you connect as many devices as you want, which is why it is getting trendy. You can either use your TV or the soundbar as the media hub. It is up to you which way you want to configure your soundbar and other devices.

Your Favorite Media Hub

You can connect your desirable devices with your television if it has four or more HDMI inputs. The other option includes connecting the devices with the soundbar. Let’s read further about how to install the soundbar correctly.

Connecting All to the TV

If you can mount your television on the table top and can access its input ports easily, then you don’t have to look for the soundbar that can house a number of HDMI inputs. In such a case, all you have to focus on is the sound quality of your soundbar.

Connecting All to the Soundbar

If you have to mount your television on the wall, and want to connect the devices to the television, it might end up looking all messy and untidy. In such a case, getting a soundbar that supports various HDMI ports is the best option. Connecting all the components to the soundbar can be a bit time consuming, but it guarantees the best sound quality.

Types of Soundbars

Since you have decided to buy a soundbar for your television, you need to know its types first to get the most of your soundbar. Here are the common kinds of soundbars available in the market today:

  • Active Soundbar

This has almost everything including speakers, subwoofer, amplifiers, processors, and connection ports. You can actually choose to either mount it on the wall or place it on the console.

Active soundbars are easy to install and require minimum cables. However, you can not expand them nor you can re-adjust the system configuration.

  • Passive Soundbar

For passive soundbars, you will need a separate audio-video receiver. You can hang it on the wall or can place it on the console.

They are expandable and configurable which makes them a good option if you plan to add more devices to your soundbar. However, passive soundbars are costly and require more cables.

  • Soundbase

Soundbase is a kind of standalone speakers. You can also actually use it as a TV base. It offers improved bass result and is easy to install. However, you cannot mount your soundbar in the wall, and it offers limited stereo separation.

  • Soundbar with Surrounds

These soundbars include a subwoofer and a surround speaker. The subwoofers are wireless whereas the surround speaker needs a cable to connect with the system.

How to Hook Up a Soundbar?

Setting a soundbar is not difficult. All you just need to do is strictly follow the given steps to get your work done.

1. Placing It Correctly

The right placement of a soundbar is very crucial to get the best sound quality. If possible, place your soundbar below the television. This way you can hear the sound from the same direction it is being created.

To remove the sound obstructions, leave at least one-meter space on either side of the soundbar. This ensures the maximum sound travel without any obstacles.

2. Connecting the Basic Wires or Cables

A digital optical connection works best for sending audio from TV. Most of the TVs offer this connection but in case your TV doesn’t have this feature, you can use analog stereo connections.

Other basic connections include a digital coaxial connection. You can quickly connect it with any audio source like Blu-ray Disc or DVD player.

3. Connecting External Speakers

Now, if you have connected your TV with the digital optical connection, you need to set its speakers. Go to the settings option in your TV, and then turn off or disable the internal speakers. You can also turn on the external speakers.

4. Setting the Advanced Connections

Some efficient soundbars offer advanced connections like HDMI, Subwoofer output, USB port, Bluetooth, and Ethernet port.

  • HDMI: HDMI replaces the unwanted cables from the TV and soundbar as it serves as a single cable for video and audio purposes. It lets you connect any audio source directly to the soundbar and then sends the signals back to your TV. Thus, it keeps your place as wireless as possible.
  • Subwoofer output: If your soundbar has a subwoofer output, you can externally connect a subwoofer to the soundbar. It enhances the sound quality.
  • Ethernet port: With the Ethernet port, you can access the online music streaming and can also integrate it with the multiroom music system.
  • USB and Bluetooth: You can also connect any portable devices like a laptop with your soundbar. If your soundbar has a 3.5 mm, USB port, or Bluetooth option, you can easily connect the other portable devices with it. The Bluetooth connectivity lets you wirelessly enjoy the music. Simply turn on the Bluetooth, pair up your devices, and play your favorite music.

5. Keep It Updated

Updated firmware on the soundbar reduces the chances of troubleshooting. Here is how you can update the firmware on your soundbar:

  1. Turn off your soundbar and television.
  2. If you have mounted them on the wall, unmount both of them.
  3. Remove the cables attached between your TV and soundbar.
  4. Wait for thirty seconds
  5. Now, remount the TV and soundbar again.
  6. Connect your TV and soundbar
  7. Turn on the TV and go through the start-up
  8. Turn on the soundbar and test it


If you really want to upgrade the sound system of your TV, you need to buy a soundbar. It lets you experience the best music and sound quality. With the updated technology and efficient soundbars, you can easily configure the settings according to your preference.

Further, most of the soundbars let you stream the online music, so you don’t have to download it anywhere. All you have to do is to find the right soundbar according to your need and budget and then set it up using our guide on how to hook up a soundbar.

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