How To Connect A Home Theater System To A TV

How To Connect A Home Theater System To A TV
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Now you don’t have to go to the movies every time you need to watch the latest blockbusters since today’s home theater technology has made surround sound at home a reality. However before you dive straight into the world of surround sound products, you need to plan this one carefully and check what you need out of it.

While planning such a setup will take a bit of your time, carefully considering products and assembly are all worth it in the end. In this article, we will give you helpful tips on how to produce a good setup at home and how to connect a home theater system to a TV.

A home theater system consists of several units. When making plans for it, it is crucial to acquire a high-definition television, a Blu-ray or DVD player, and a surround sound audio setup. For individuals who want to cut their time and effort short, they can opt for a full package that comes with all the items you need in order to begin the system.

A quality home cinema system for homeowners might be a complete package system that accommodates Blu-ray or DVD, media streaming from platforms like Pandora and Netflix, and wireless speakers.

A home theater system is not a cheap setup; this is considered by many as an investment. Hence it pays if you do some research about products being sold on the market right now. You can read reviews about such products online or get recommendations from family, friends, and co-workers who have set up home cinema systems in their homes.

In order to create your own home theater, you need a bigger television with at least a 40-inch screen and a surround sound system that has at least 5 speakers. The speakers for this setup are located at the right, left, middle, the right rear, and the left rear.

Sound is always the most prominent advantage of a theater system. Sound quality is something you should be after when it comes to looking for excellent audio theater systems. Lots of quality surround sound setups are high-end, hence this is the reason why these kinds of system are investments or things you need to save up for.

When assembling an entertainment room, it is also crucial to remember that the room has to be closed like a real movie theater for the best possible sound quality. Setting up all units inside the room is essential and will be based on the size of the space.

The screen must be located on the most feasible wall with the speakers positioned on the rear and the sides. Home cinema setups are not cheap; however, with great planning and excellent choice units, the expenses for it will be reduced.

Steps On How To Connect A Home Theater System To A TV

Here are the steps needed in order to connect the setup to your TV. You will need a Blu-ray or DVD player, audio or video cables, a receiver, and the surround sound system.

1.  First, you need to link the TV’s digital audio output to the stereo system’s primary receiver’s input. Based on the on hand connections for the receiver and the television, it might be an optical or coaxial connection.

2.  Fasten every speaker of the stereo system to the proper output connection on the primary receiver. Every output comes with a label for every speaker. Usually, such systems come with 6-8 chief speakers and a subwoofer.

3.  Connect the receiver box to the television. The connection might be an RCA composite, which are the red, white and yellow plugs or an RF/RG coaxial hookup, which are threaded connectors shaped like tubes.

4.  Hook up the Blu-ray or DVD players to the television by means of the component connection, which are the blue, green and red video cords that suit the RCA red and white audio, or the HDMI, which makes use of a connection which is shaped like a trapezoid.

5.  Connect any additional video device on any remaining connection.

6.  Place a surge protector in the AC wall socket that is closest to the setup in case you do not have sufficient adjacent sockets for all the units you have on hand. Make use of a surge protector with a good number of sockets to avoid overloading.

7.  Hook up all units in the remaining sockets.

Those are the steps you need to remember if you want the best home theater system you can use at home. Now that you know how to connect a home theater system to a TV, you can go ahead and experience that fantastic sound and visual experience that cinema brings.

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