How to Ceiling Mount Projector: Tips for Easy Installation

How to Ceiling Mount Projector: Tips for Easy Installation
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Projectors come with a high price tag. It is not the kind of equipment that one will easily buy because of its relatively prohibitive cost as well as the maintenance and care it requires. The item can be considered as an investment, which should be guarded and protected at all times. And one of the best ways to protect the projector is to mount it in the ceiling to prevent any spilling, or hitting of any object against it. Fortunately, how to ceiling mount projector is no rocket science and can be done even by non-professionals. Here is a guide.

How to Choose the Appropriate Ceiling Mount?

One has the option to purchase the projector first and buy the ceiling mount after or buy a package that has both items. Either choice is fine as long as the buyer gets the kind of projector that would suit his or her needs.

If one chooses the former, then it is essential to find a ceiling mount that is compatible with the projector. Keep in mind that while most product makers claim to have a universal mount that is compatible with many projectors, this is not always the case. Some mounts cannot work with many projectors on the market due to various reasons.

For example, mounts can only handle a certain weight. If one buys a mount that can only support up to 30 lbs and has a projector weighing 35 pounds, then the mount is incompatible with the projector. One also has to make sure that the projector and the mount have the same number of holes for screwing them together. Otherwise, the owner will either drill additional holes on either the projector or the mount. These are just some of the issues that can affect the compatibility of the projector and the ceiling mount.

Reading Is Essential

Knowing how to ceiling mount projector starts by reading the instruction manual that comes with the mount. Keep in mind that not all mounts and projectors are created the same or have the same features and design. Reading the manual ensures the safety of the mounting process.

Sometimes, many people tend to skip the reading of the guide and proceed to do the task. In many cases, failure to read the guide results in the damage of either the mount or the projector, and even worse, both.

How to Ceiling Mount Projector?

Step 1: Take out all the items in the package of the ceiling mount and ensure that everything, as indicated in the box or manual, is complete.

Step 2: With the help of another person, start mounting the projector by marking the area in the ceiling where the mount screws will be drilled. Drill the holes as needed.

Step 3: Take the mount and start attaching it to the wall. One person should hold the mount while the other one screws it to the ceiling. Place all the screws on the marked areas and holes. Once done, check if the mount was attached firmly. If not, then take out the screws and start connecting them again.

Step 4: Once the mount is firmly secured to the ceiling, proceed to attach the projector to the mount. Grab the projector and turn it upside down to find the holes for the screw. Place the projector in the mount, which requires making sure that the holes of the mount and the projector are aligned.

Step 5: One person should hold the projector while another person is attaching the screws to the projector and the mount. Once all screws are in place, check if the projector is placed to the mount correctly. If not, then check which screw is loose and remove it and attach the screw back on.

Other Tips

There are several tips to keep in mind when doing the installation of the ceiling mount and the projector.

  • Do the math and compute the required distance of the projector from the screen. Make sure to get the proper throw ratio.
  • Buy or prepare the materials beforehand. It is not enough to have the mount and projector. One should also have ladders, cables, screwdrivers, and drill, to name a few. Make sure other accessories needed are nearby or on hand during the installation process.
  • Use the screws that came with the mount. Otherwise, one will run the risk of using ill-fitting screws for the holes or needing to drill holes again on the mount.
  • Do not attempt to do the installation on your own. There should be at least two people doing the installation where one person is holding either the mount or the projector while the other is attaching the screws. Ideally, there should be three people doing the installation as two of them will be on the ladder and the other one is on the ground handing the screws, projectors, mount, drill and other accessories needed for the installation,
  • The people installing should have their separate ladders. It is not advisable to share one for safety purposes.
  • Securing the cables is part of the installation process. Make sure to follow what is written on the manual of the projector.
  • Use cord covers or wire molds. One can also consider the use of these to ensure that the cables blend seamlessly with the wall. Keep in mind that the walls will run down from the receiver all the way to the power outlet.
  • Consider big staple wires, fasteners, or cable supports. If one does not like the wire molds, then ensure that the cables look neat by fastening them to the wall using these things.

Install the Right Way

Arguably, installing the ceiling mount and the projector to it is not the most straightforward task. After all, at least two people need to do the job. Fortunately, the job can be completed without any glitches.

For an easy and hassle-free installation, make sure that you have all the items needed on hand. If not, then buy them beforehand. Lastly, make sure to follow the tips outlined above to ensure the proper mounting as well as the safety of the ones doing the installation.

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