How to Boost Outdoor TV Antenna Signal

How to Boost Outdoor TV Antenna Signal
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Due to the quick advancement in technologies, the need for having cable service is not that necessary anymore. Most homes are left with broadband only as most shows can now be accessed on many streaming devices and apps.

While these people can only watch regular channels on their TV, there are different ways on how to boost outdoor TV antenna signal to get even more channels. How to do it? We’re here to help you.

It’s undeniable that one of the downsides of having an outdoor TV antenna is the fluctuation of the signal. Fortunately, there are ways that this can be dealt with. While there are many pricey outdoor TV antennas available on the market, the truth is, this can be fixed without burning a hole in your pocket. Read on, and you’ll understand what we mean.

How to Boost Outdoor TV Antenna Signal

Sometimes, TV antennas get weak signals, even when it is already placed outside your house. If you think you can’t rely on the antenna alone just by moving it around, there are ways on how to boost your outdoor TV antenna signal by following these simple techniques.

Buy a TV antenna booster.

You can install a digital antenna booster to widen the range of your TV antenna. Its main purpose is to help the antenna receive a stronger signal. Antenna boosters are often plugged separately into the television.

Adjust your outdoor TV antenna.

The position of your outdoor antenna matters too. If your channels are starting to get spotty, then something’s wrong with your TV antenna. You may want to change its position until you find a spot where it can get strong signals.

However, you may still experience getting weak signals due to cellular towers, obstructions in your area, and other disruptions. If problems persist, try to do the following:

  • Place the outdoor TV antenna at the topmost part of your house. If you can place it 30 feet high from the ground, the better TV reception it can pick up.
  • Direct the antenna to the direction where the transmitting tower is. If you’re using an omnidirectional antenna, you don’t need to point it to any particular direction as this type of antenna has a 360-degree field.

Add an extra cable.

Adding more coaxial cable allows you to adjust the outdoor TV antenna when needed or better yet, place it on a higher place. Remember, the higher the antenna is placed, the more chances it has of getting free channels. This also helps improve the quality of the signal.

Pro Tip: For durability and longer use of coax cable, better invest in quality and weatherproof ones. You can also use proof-sealing tape to cover the entire connection.

Add a second antenna.

If your outdoor TV antenna is having a hard time picking up signals from different towers in a different direction, adding another antenna can make a big difference. By stacking a second TV antenna, it helps to boost its signal too. Plus, it can pick up other frequency bands.

Before you install the second antenna, make sure to keep the distance between the two antennas within two to four feet. It should have its own coax cable in the same size and length as that of your first outdoor TV antenna.

Buy an antenna rotator.

If you’re using a unidirectional outdoor antenna and the broadcasting TV towers within your area are more than 90 degrees from each other, you may want to consider buying an antenna rotator. This will allow you to tweak your outdoor antenna towards the other towers without climbing up on the roof.

Amplify your signal.

Amplifying your antenna’s coax cable may improve its reception. How? Once you attach an amplifier device to the coaxial cable, it will start to supply electric voltage to the line. It will then boost the signal passing down the cable.

Before you do this, we suggest that you check on your antenna first if it has a built-in preamplifier or not. If your antenna doesn’t need to be plugged in, it means it didn’t come with a preamplifier device.

In addition, if you have multiple TVs connected to the splitter device, you would want to use a distribution amplifier to prevent phasing problems. When installing a preamplifier device, make sure to place it near the antenna.

How Do TV Antenna Boosters Work?

Antenna boosters help the beam width of the TV antenna to strengthen its signal, especially if you live too far from the towers. It is more efficient when these devices are directly connected with the output of the antenna.

Antenna boosters work both on indoor and outdoor antennas. Although, for outdoor antennas, they would definitely get the best reception when placed as high up as possible.

Note, however, that in times of severe weather, or if the TV broadcasting tower is damaged, which rarely happens, the signal may be interrupted. In this case, an antenna booster can’t do anything to boost your signal.

With that said, if you’re outdoor TV antenna has been receiving poor reception no matter where you place it, you may want to invest in an antenna booster. All you need to do is to mount the outdoor antenna booster onto the base pole of the antenna and securely fasten it around the pole using bolts and rods.

Final Thoughts

A poor TV signal is such a big hassle. Fortunately, there are many remedies to fix your outdoor TV antenna, but you have to figure out first what the real problem is. To do this, try to do basic troubleshooting rather than replacing your devices with brand new ones. It may not always be the best solution.

With all of the tips and techniques that we’ve shared with you, we can assure you that it’s all worth trying. After all, it only takes a little effort, and a fair amount of knowledge on how to boost outdoor TV antenna signal, and you’d be able to fix it yourself. If all else fails, then that’s the time for you to call a professional to look deeper into the issue at hand.

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