Dayton Audio APA150 Power Amplifier Review

Dayton Audio APA150 Power Amplifier Review
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Dayton Audio APA150 Power Amplifier: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Simple, sleek, and compact design
  • Highly durable
  • Built from solid metal
  • Packed with a ton of power
  • Offers clear output
  • Minimal to no distortion
  • Noise-free operation

What We Don't Like

  • Lacks a 3.5mm audio input jack
  • The auto on/off feature is not very useful

An amplifier should be the center of your sound system. Everything gets into it and then comes out from it.

There has been a ton of mystique that has come up around amplifiers, and with that, an equal amount of related jargon has been created over the years. There is good news, though, and that is that the standard for amplifiers is quite high now. This applies to budget-friendly amplifiers as well.

These days, you will find a plethora of options for power amplifiers. This can make settling for one a very difficult task. Thankfully, we are here for you. Today, we’re taking a close at the Dayton Audio APA150 Power Amplifier.

Dayton Audio APA150 Power Amplifier Review

Dayton Audio is a company that has been around for more than two decades. They specialize in audio components, particularly in the field of designing and manufacturing loudspeakers.

Majority of this company’s product development and engineering work is performed in the United States. However, a lot of their goods are manufactured in Europe and Asia. This offers the benefits of logistics, quality, and performance without any compromise.

Throughout the years, Dayton Audio’s products have been receiving acclaim all over the world. In fact, they are always compared to similar products coming from high-end brands that cost three times more.


After doing a ton of research, we found that the Dayton Audio APA150 is a high-quality amplifier for bookshelf speakers based on its features, RMS Output, and price. Size-wise, it is small and can easily fit on the bottom shelf of a small desk. It has a simple and interesting design too that makes it look attractive.

  • Design

When it comes to the amplifier’s design, the company has kept it simple. It is a box-shaped amplifier measuring 11.5 x 6 x 5.5 inches and weighs about 13 pounds.

The amplifier is black in color. The power button, volume knob, and the LED light are in the front and all the input and output slots in the back.

  • Sound and Volume

We tried the Dayton Audio APA150 with small speakers that we used with the PC. The speakers were rated at 75 Watts/Channel and are 8 Ohms. We were concerned whether the Dayton amplifier would be loud enough to take advantage of the speaker’s potential as the company states it can achieve 50 Watts/Channel with 8 Ohms.

While we can’t tell exactly how many watts was the speaker able to muster from the Dayton amplifier, we can tell that the speakers were very loud. Additionally, there was no noticeable distortion until about 85 to 90% volume on the PC sound card. That said, at that high volume, it felt like the speakers could be the reason for the distortion, but we can’t say that for sure.

We can say this with confidence that there is ample volume for near-field listening. In fact, we can also say that there is possibly enough volume to fill a large room, even with 8-ohm speakers.

Typically, PC speakers will be no more than two feet away from you, and anything over 60% volume will damage your hearing if you are listening to it at extended periods. For general listening, 30% volume is good enough and that, in itself, is impressive.

  • Quality of Sound

When it comes to the quality of the sound, we found it to be crystal clear. The device in itself has no issues either when it comes to heating as long as you place it in a well-ventilated area. If it does begin to heat up, you will feel the fan working for short five-second bursts, which will help it cool off. This fan is also noiseless.

  • Amplifier Construction

We found the construction of the amplifier to be phenomenal. We were highly impressed with the fact that almost the whole unit is made of solid metal. This includes the volume knob and the front panel.

The amplifier comes with all the necessary connections that you need to hook up the subwoofer, speakers, and the sound card to the amplifier. We would have liked if this amplifier also came with headphone jacks and another RCA jack to input other devices.

Summary of the Features

If you are looking for a well-built and long-lasting amplifier, then the Dayton Audio APA150 Power Amplifier is what you need. It has a sleek and modern design that will compliment any audio system. It is built from a strong and solid metal that makes it highly durable.

Its adjustable 50 to 150 Hz low pass crossover offers ample control. Its high current, discrete output transistors run cool and quiet. Overall, there isn't much we can criticize about this amplifier.

With that said, if the quality of the internal parts is as good as the exterior, then we are certain this amplifier will last for a long time.

Comparison with a Similar Amplifier

We compared the Dayton Audio APA150 Power Amplifier to the Pyle Home Audio Power Amplifier. Other than the fact that the Pyle amplifier comes with a 3.5mm jack input, there is nothing much going for it.

While this amplifier is very compact and small in size, it lacks the power and quality of the Dayton Audio amplifier. The sound quality is strictly average, and there is some amount of distortion that can be heard too. For this reason, this power amplifier might not be a good investment.


The Dayton Audio APA150 Power Amplifier is an excellent piece of sound equipment for those who are on a budget but yet require really good sound output. This amplifier has an excellent metal built, which will make it last for years.

As seen in its features, its specifications ensure that you get a fantastic sound quality, which is loud enough to fill up a whole room. All in all, this is a brilliant power amplifier that we highly recommend you buy.

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