Can You Use 3D Glasses from Movie Theater at Home: Some Facts

Can You Use 3D Glasses from Movie Theater at Home
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Imagine that you are at the theater enjoying the latest action flick in 3D and it occurs to you: can this happen at home? Many people enjoy watching movies in 3D because it is immersive and it makes them feel as if everything is happening in real time in front of them. But, can you use 3D glasses from movie theater at home?

3D glasses and the technology behind them have come a long way. You may be able to view movies in 3D at home using the same set of glasses you purchased at the movie theater. The kind of TV you have, the glasses, and the size of glasses may all contribute to the possibility of you having the 3D movie watching experience at home.

For you to understand it better, we will explain everything further. Likewise, we will talk more about the 3D glasses used in movie theaters.

What are the 3D Glasses Used in the Movie Theater?

Cinemas usually use RealD 3D glasses which work flawlessly with the giant movie theater screen. This type of 3D glasses is termed as Passive 3D glasses, and the technology behind it has been around for years. Theaters perhaps use passive 3D glasses because they are cheaper and easily replaceable.

Remember those blue and green glasses back in the day when 3D movies were still new? Those were passive 3D, and so are the new black ones we use these days. They basically filter light, making each eye see a different image. When these images are combined, the 3D effect takes place, and you can see things in three dimensions.

They polarize the image in a way that part of the image is visible to the left eye and part visible to the right eye. However, how they work is highly dependent on the source of the picture. 3D cinemas produce video at 24 frames per second for each eye, which gives you 48 frames per second in total. This is how they are also able to reduce flicker and reflection loss.

Can You Use 3D Glasses from Movie Theater at Home?

In order for the 3D glasses from the cinema to work at home, you will simply need a TV or monitor that supports passive 3D technology. This is the make or break part of your 3D movie watching experience at home since there are limited models of LCD and LED televisions that are compatible with the technology and support the RealD 3D movie theater 3D glasses.

LG is known for having such models that work fine with these glasses, but if you own a plasma TV, you cannot use these 3D glasses. In comparison with TVs, monitors have even more limited choices. Nevertheless, the monitors that are passive 3D can be used to play games in the 3D mode using the glasses you bought for some bucks at the local theater.

If you are planning to use the movie theater 3D glasses to view movies on your laptop, it might not work because you would need one that has a 3D vision ready display and a graphics card that supports 3D playback. However, you have the option to view 3D movies with your existing laptop if you have Anaglyph glasses (the red and blue glasses). There is also special movie player software that is optimized for 3D movies.

What Other 3D Glasses Can be Used at Home?

3D glasses technology has evolved a lot over the years that is why with home TVs, there are already certain 3D glasses that you can use. One of which is the so-called Active Shutter 3D technology.

The active shutter 3D glasses are also known as LC shutter glasses, and they are more expensive than the 3D glasses we get for a few bucks at the movie theater. Also, when using active shutter glasses, each eye sees at least 60 frames per second.

These 3D glasses are integrated with batteries and they have electronic shutters that quickly alternate the picture between your two eyes. In fact, it happens so fast that your eyes cannot fathom the process.

Since a 3D TV sends out two different images in full resolution, these glasses are the best ways on how you can watch 3D movies on most modern 3D TV screens like plasma televisions. With that in mind, if you have such type of TV, you might not be able to use the affordable movie theater glasses.

As years pass by, the technology improved even further and the latest one used in 3D glasses for home use is the center polarization. This stereoscopic projection technology produces a picture that is centrally polarized instead of linearly. The advantage is that the viewer can even tilt their head and still see the picture in 3D without getting double images.


You may or may not be able to view movies using the 3D glasses sold at movie theaters as this will depend on the kind of TV or monitor you have. If you are a big 3D fan, you might want to get a passive 3D TV or purchase a pair of 3D glasses that work with your existing 3D TV.

Besides the technology factor, the size also matters. It is a great factor whether or not you can clearly see the 3D picture when using movie theater glasses with your home TV or monitor. 3D glasses come in different sizes, and some are smaller as they are specifically designed for children and adults or young adults who have smaller heads. Obviously, for a comfortable 3D movie viewing experience, choose the correct size for you.

In a nutshell, our answer to the question “Can you use 3D glasses from movie theater at home?” is yes, you can use movie theater 3D glasses at home. As discussed above, you have two options, and that is to either use them with a compatible TV or laptop. If you are wondering which one is better, there are really no winners really as both have a specific set of pros and cons.

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