Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System: Minimalistic Yet Power-Packed

Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System: Minimalistic Yet Power-Packed
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When it comes to the sound quality from our TVs, we can all unanimously agree that it lacks that punch and overall quality. For this reason, you will notice that more and more sound systems are gaining popularity in the market.

Even with these countless options, there are certain brands that can instantly make heads turn. One of them is Bose. This company is one of the world’s leading brand in the audio category. Their products are considered to be the best quality, and they offer the finest sound.

So, when we got our hands on the Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System, we were genuinely excited to try this one out. We spent days geeking out with this sleek soundbar connected to our TV, and now we will do an in-depth review for you.

Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System

Bose Corporation is a privately held American corporation based in Framingham, Massachusetts. They are known for designing, developing, and selling high-quality audio equipment. The company was founded by Amar Bose in 1964.

All of Bose’s products are sold across the world. The company is known majorly for their home audio systems, professional audio systems, noise-canceling headphones, and automobile sound systems. One of their proud creations is the Solo 5 TV Sound System.


The Bose Solo 5 is an entry-level soundbar that is targeted towards people who are looking for better sound quality than the ones from their TV speakers. These speakers have a phenomenal design, is quite easy to use, and even easier to set up.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Bose Solo 5 is its sleek design. It is fully black in color, with the trademark logo placed on the speaker grill, exactly in the center. The curved edges in front add to the overall appeal of the speaker.

Let’s review this product more in detail.

  • Size

The dimensions of this are 2.6 (h) x 21.6 (w) x 3.4 (d) inches, and it weighs just a little under four pounds. Because of its size, it allows for flexible placement.

This speaker is so versatile that it can be positioned wherever you would like. It can either be placed on the shelf or can be mounted on the wall above or below the TV with the help of the optional WB-120 wall mount.

  • Sound Performance

The Bose Solo 5 works phenomenally when played with HD audio. However, if the audio source is a file that is heavily compressed, then the sound quality will be just as average.

What the company keeps boasting about is the Dialogue Mode. With this mode, the speaker will enhance the dialogues by making them crisper and sharper, which makes it stand out better. Again, this works well only with HD audio. That being said, even without this mode switched on, the sound quality is fantastic.

In terms of the music playback performance, you can expect crystal clear sound along with decent bass. In fact, we felt the bass to be quite punchy and just sufficient.

The speaker is capable of pumping a lot of volumes. In fact, the sound will most definitely fill up a medium sized room. That being said, the speakers are located around the center, which means that you will not get a directional response.

  • Setup

Setting up this speaker is an absolute no-brainer. Once you have placed the soundbar correctly, all you need to do is connect the speaker to the TV with the help of an audio cable.

You can choose between an analog or an optical coaxial, depending on your preference. The soundbar will automatically detect which wire you are using.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

What’s great about this soundbar is that it is not just meant for your TV, but it can also serve as a wireless speaker for your phone, tablet, or laptop. It comes with Bluetooth capabilities, which will allow you to stream your favorite music wirelessly.

  • Universal Remote

What we were genuinely impressed with about this product was that it came with a universal remote control device. Nobody likes a bunch of remotes to juggle around, so Bose sells its soundbar with a universal remote.

What this device does is allow you to control all your gaming systems, Bluetooth connectivity, and also your Blu-ray player. It will also allow you to control the soundbar easily too. Furthermore, the remote allows you to increase or decrease the bass at just a touch of a button.


  • Has a beautiful design
  • Perfectly sized
  • Allows for easy and quick placement
  • Works fabulously with HD audio
  • Comes with a unique Dialogue Mode
  • Crystal-clear music playback
  • Decent bass
  • Easy and quick setup
  • Comes with Bluetooth capabilities
  • Very easy to operate


  • Sound quality is strictly average for standard audio files
  • The sound from the speakers are not multidirectional
  • While the universal remote works great, it is quite chunky in size

Summary of the Features

The Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System is a simple, no-nonsense, and easy-to-use speaker. It does a great job elevating the dull sound quality from any TV. What takes the prize is the soundbar’s Dialogue Mode feature, which can instantly enhance the voice from the ambient audio in a video.

This Bose soundbar is a perfect option for those who have an HDTV connection at home or stream majorly HD-quality videos. Sadly, standard definition audio will make itself evidently apparent.

Comparison with a Similar Product

We decided to test the Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System one last time by comparing it to another similar product. We found that the AmazonBasics Bluetooth Soundbar was an ideal match.

Let’s begin with similarities. Both the soundbars share a similar design, and both come with Bluetooth capabilities. However, everything else about these two speakers is rather different.

For starters, while their designs are similar, the AmazonBasics soundbar is much broader and heavier. Furthermore, the speaker quality is okay and not even remotely as clear and crisp as the Bose soundbar. Lastly, it lacks the Dialogue Mode, which is what makes the Bose soundbar stand out.


The Bose Solo 5 TV Sound System is an excellent soundbar for those who want better sound quality from their TVs. This entry-level speaker does a great job at making the sound quality from the TV sharper and crisper. Furthermore, the soundbar can be placed anywhere and can be used as a wireless speaker for your devices too.


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