Best TV Wall Mounts That You Can Buy

Best TV Wall Mounts That You Can Buy
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Television sets used to be these large cube devices that weighed a ton and that had to be securely placed somewhere stable. But that was then. Now, television sets are so light that they can be mounted on walls like a picture frame.

Then again, you cannot simply use a hook and a line to mount these TVs. You would need a special wall mount to do that. Let’s take a look at the best TV wall mounts that you can buy to get the best possible viewing experience for your home entertainment needs.

Best TV Wall Mount Reviews

1. Mounting Dream Tilt TV Wall Mount

The Mounting Dream Tilt TV Wall Mount is made for television sets that are 37 inches to 70 inches big. The mount’s bracket fits 16-inch, 18-inch, and 24-inch studs, which boast a loading capacity of 132 pounds. It has a very low profile of only 1.5 inches, which means that it can save a lot of wall space.

The bracket has mounting holes with a spacing of 600 by 400 millimeters. The wall mount also fits TVs with mounting holes that are as close as eight inches by four inches or as wide as 24 inches by 16 inches. The materials used on the wall mount are made with heavy-duty steel with a durable powder coat finish.

The mount has a tilting bracket that reduces the glare from windows and lights and maximizes viewing profiles. The bracket is tilted at eight degrees, but this can be adjusted for optimum viewing angle. The wall plates are also opened to provide space for wires, cables, and outlets. The brackets can also be adjusted on the wall plate so that it can be centered.

The bracket comes with instructions and includes all the hardware in pre-labeled bags. The wall mount also features straps, locks, and releases that can be easily used to release or unmount the TV. This wall mount also comes with a free nine-foot HDMI cable, cable ties for handling the cables, and a Torpedo level. Concrete anchors are also available upon request.


  • Comes with a free bubble level
  • Open wall plate
  • Easy and fast installation


  • Does not include concrete anchors
  • Cannot be mounted on dry walls alone
  • Heavy TVs can restrict tilt degree options


2. AmazonBasics Full-Motion Wall Mount

The AmazonBasics Full-Motion Wall Mount is a heavy-duty wall mount that has full-motion articulation features. This articulating wall mount accommodates TVs from 22 inches to 55 inches. It can support the weight of TVs up to 80 pounds.

What’s more is that it provides 15 degrees of tilt for the best viewing angle. This can be adjusted to up to 10 more degrees or five less. It also allows the TV to be swiveled to up to 180 degrees.

The design of the wall mount allows it to be moved or articulated away from the wall. When on the wall mount, the TV can extend up to 16.3 inches from the wall, but it can also collapse to a low profile of just 2.6 inches.

The bracket itself is made from heavy-duty aluminum and steel to accommodate the weight of the heaviest televisions. The mount fits mounting standards of 100 by 100 millimeters all the way to 400 by 400-millimeter mounting patterns.

This unit measures 17 inches in length, 16 inches in width, and 17 inches in height. The total weight of the wall mount is 10.95 pounds or five kilograms. It comes with specific instructions and all the necessary adapters and hardware needed for installation.


  • Comes with anchors for all kinds of surfaces
  • Includes all parts for installation (screws, levels, hinges, manual)
  • Full 180-degree articulating movement


  • Does not include cable sleeve
  • Does not include extra cables (HDMI, VGA)
  • Has a weight limit for television sets (cannot support 80+ lbs)


3. Cheetah APTMM2B TV Wall Mount

The Cheetah APTMM2B TV Wall Mount is designed to carry all sizes of televisions from 20 inches all the way to 80 inches. It also supports all brands including LG, Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Sharp, and many more. When the wall mount is in its fixed position, it fits flush to the wall with a very low profile of only 1.3 inches.

The bracket offers tilt of 10 degrees for the optimum viewing angle and for limiting the glare from lights and windows. The Cheetah APTMM2B is also assembled in VESA 400 configuration, but it can be modified with included parts to be configured to VESA 600 or VESA 200. Also included in the package is a Twisted Veins 10-foot HDMI cable.

The wall mount features an easy lift-and-lock attachment with adjustable pull tabs. These attachments allow for three degrees of rotation adjustment so that the TV is level after the wall mount has been installed.

The mount is pre-assembled for 16-inch wooden studs, but it can be modified to support up to 24-inch wooden studs.  It can be installed to cement, brick, or other masonry with the help of anchors that are included in the purchase.


  • Includes a six-inch, three-axis magnetic bubble level
  • Provides the lowest profile among the TVs in the list (1.3 inches)
  • Universal brackets and studs for all kinds of brands


  • Needs an additional bracket for heavier TVs
  • Does not include anchors for hard surface mounting
  • Can be difficult to install



All the wall mounts on this list can effectively mount a television on a wall. They can also provide at least eight degrees of tilt to prevent glare and to optimize the viewing experience. They provide the versatility to support all brands and sizes of televisions, and they provide support VESA mounts that are needed in most television sets too.

Nevertheless, in terms of overall quality and performance, the best of the best has to be the AmazonBasics Full-Motion TV Wall Mount. This wall mount provides the same stability and structure of all the other wall mounts, but its best advantage is the full articulating motion that it provides. You can easily move the TV to the extension and angle of your choice or keep the TV flat on the wall.

Surprisingly, this wall mount is actually at the same price range as the other products listed. This versatility and flexibility make it the best TV wall mount that you can buy.

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