Best Speaker Wires: Your Top Three Options

Best Speaker Wires: Your Top Three Options
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There are many speaker wires or cables available in the market; there are the low-quality ones and the topnotch, high-quality wires. Audiophiles often get the most outstanding sound systems and pair them with the best speaker wires available.

The sound quality of speakers generally relies on the overall quality and substance of the speaker itself. However, speaker wires play a significant role in signal quality that may be affected due to external factors like long distance installation.

Choosing a good-quality speaker wire is very crucial if you want guaranteed undistorted signal quality between your sound system and device. Of all the options available, which one is the best? To help you decide which speaker wire is the best for your car or home sound system, we reviewed three speaker wires for you.

Best Speaker Wire Reviews

Using high-quality speaker wires guarantee undistorted signal and sound regardless of how far the speakers are from the sound system. Top-rated speaker wires can make a huge difference in signal quality versus average speaker cables.

The three products below are said to be three of the best in the market today. As such, we looked into their key features, pros, and cons.

1. InstallGear 14-Gauge AWG Speaker Wire

Good quality speaker wires are popular with music lovers and audiophiles in general. Those who usually buy high-tech, expensive speakers consider buying the best wire systems available.

A nice set of speaker wires has great conduction ability, as well as durable but pliable and is easy to cut and use. The InstallGear 14-Gauge AWG Speaker Wire is said to have these qualities.


The InstallGear 14-Gauge AWG Speaker Wire is a True Spec stranded wire that has an approximate length of 100 feet (30.5 meters). It is wrapped around industrial grade PVC spool, making it easier to measure, cut, and store.

The InstallGear 14 Gauge AWG Speaker Wire consists of a two-color jacket that allows quick and foolproof polarity identification and CCA or Copper Clad Aluminum Conductor for optimum conduction. This rugged PVC jacket also makes the wire easy to install in cars and connect to terminals. While the jacket is rugged and hardwearing, stripping it is effortless.

Apart from car installation, it is also ideal for use in home theaters. That is all thanks to its low memory jacket that allows easy routing to wall moldings.


  • Uncomplicated banana plug installment
  • Easy storage, installation, and cutting
  • Hard wearing and easy to strip jacket
  • Color-coded and low-memory jacket
  • Durable wire
  • Lengthy


  • Stiff


2. Pyle 12-Gauge Speaker Wire

Another product on our list that has outstanding features is the Pyle 12-Gauge Speaker Wire. Its 12-gauge thickness makes it resistant to overheating.


The Pyle 12-Gauge Speaker Wire is copper coated, which makes the connection of speakers and amplifiers or receivers simple. When installing multiple speakers, you may cut the wire in the desired sizes.

Additionally, the plastic jacket coating the wire can be removed easily, allowing you to crimp the wire directly to installation. With this jacket, you can also expect undistorted signals and the utmost insulation.

This speaker wire has a red polarity mark on one side, making it easy to tell the polarities apart and allows quick and proper set up with any sound system. There are times when installation goes troublesome because of incorrect setting of wire polarities, and with this product, that will not be a problem.

This wire has a total length of 50 feet. It is spooled neatly around a hard plastic dispenser, making it less of a hassle to measure, cut, and store.


  • Easy-to-remove jacket
  • Undistorted signal
  • Resistant to overheating
  • One side with polarity mark
  • Convenient to dispense, store, cut, and measure


  • Not pure copper
  • One roll not enough for multiple speaker installations


3. InstallGear 12-Gauge 99.9% Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire

Our third choice for top speaker wire systems is the InstallGear 12-Gauge 99.9% Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire. Given its specifications and features, it can easily become one of the best options available.


Similar to the first product by the same company, the InstallGear 12-Gauge 99.9% Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire is a True Spec stranded wire. It is coated with resilient, but easy-to-peel frosted PVC jacket.

The jacket comes in two colors, allowing you to identify polarity effortlessly. It uses an oxygen-free copper conductor, which is said to have higher conductivity, better low-frequency sound transfer, and helps improve sound clarity. Oxygen-free copper wires also last longer compared to other copper wires.

The low memory jacket of the InstallGear 12-Gauge 99.9% Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire also allows trouble-free routing to wall moldings. It is also easy to install into banana plugs.


  • High-quality copper wire
  • Resilient PVC jacket
  • Improved low-frequency sound transfers
  • Low memory and color-coded jacket
  • Easy to install, cut, and measure


  • Can be stiff to bend


The Best Choice

The two speaker wires by InstallGear have a two-toned jacket that makes it easy to identify polarities versus the red markings on the Pyle 12-Gauge Speaker Wire. In fact, we consider the Pyle 12-Gauge Speaker Wire to be the lesser of all three.

It is not really copper and is a bit difficult to handle when it comes to malleability. Plus, although cutting it is also easy, it seems a little more difficult compared with the two.

On that note, when compared side by side, the two InstallGear wires can be easily differentiated. The one is thicker while the other is slightly thinner with 14, and wire thickness is also important in speaker-sound system installation. Speaker wires of appropriate diameter can have an impact on overall sound output.

While the two has other similar features, what sets the 12-gauge wire is its oxygen-free copper wire feature since it helps deliver better sound transfer and clarity. The other InstallGear wire only uses Copper Clad Aluminum Conductor or CCA, which is a less efficient conductor. Hence, the InstallGear 12 Gauge 99.9% Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire is our best of the best speaker wire.

Overall, compared to the other two speaker wires, the InstallGear 12-Gauge 99.9% Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire offers resiliency, better performance, plus ease of installation.

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