Best Movies For Home Theater Surround Sound: A Movie Experience Like No Other

Best Movies For Home Theater Surround Sound
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A great movie experience is composed of a dark room, a large screen, a huge tub of buttered popcorn, and an excellent set of surround speakers that will blow your mind! Imagine watching the best movies for home theater surround sound. Whoa! It’s an entirely different experience compared with regular speakers, don’t you agree? You may not have a screen as big as the theaters, but with surround set up that covers every crevice of your movie room, you are in for a nice movie weekend!

A Movie Experience Like No Other

Since we were little, the theater has offered the best movie experience ever! But because of technological advancement and availability of better TVs and speakers, sometimes, watching movies at home can be better.

A high definition TV coupled with an awesome surround sound set up can sometimes be better than the cinema. Not to mention, your home theater or movie room is more private than the cinema, and you have access to better food in the kitchen! Surround sound is better heard and felt in smaller rooms too. You can listen to the low frequencies creeping on the walls, the floor, and even your body. The next best thing is you could hit the pause button whenever you need to pee. Isn’t that awesome?

Probably, the only drawback you get is you don’t get to watch the most recent films that are showing in the cinema. But in case you miss your favorite movie, you can always buy a Blu-ray or a digital version and knock yourself out watching it over and over again. For more fun, you can invite your friends to a movie night too!

Best Movies For Home Theater Surround Sound

If you just got your surround speakers, you may want to try out sci-fi films to test how awesome it sounds. The Star Wars and Star Trek franchise are a great way to enjoy your surround sound setup. You could also try the Transformers and Marvel movies to show off your setup as action and thriller films will be more awesome on your speakers too. How about Mad Max or John Wick? Well, you get the point. Even musicals will be much, much more impressive with surround!

Remember, the perfect movie experience is composed of great visuals and excellent surround sound. Without these two, at least have a bowl of popcorn, then maybe you can go through the end of the movie.

The irony, however, lies in the fact that it is thrilling to have thousands of movies to choose from, but a bit overwhelming to have a lot of home surround speakers to go through before we get to choose the best for us. That is why we have dedicated the rest of this article to reviewing five favorite home surround speakers on the market today.

The 5 Best Home Surround Speakers

Let’s get one thing straight. If you want to enjoy the best movie experience, then you must have one of the best surround speakers on the market. Imagine a theatre-like experience at home and imagine having it whenever you want it. What can be cooler than that?

Now, we have selected five of the best home theater surround sound speakers that you may want to consider so you don’t have to spend countless hours browsing for the specs!

1. Leviton Architectural Edition 5-Channel Surround Sound Home Cinema Speaker System


Leviton is a huge residential and commercial solutions company based in the United States. They have a massive showroom in New Orleans, San Francisco. Their display area can be found at the Central Business District where people can check out their setup. Through their innovative approach, they promise to create the most advanced automation of electrical devices, lighting, and other powered appliances at home.


This 5-Channel Surround Sound Home Cinema Speaker System is powered by JBL, which is one of the most renowned manufacturers of loudspeakers for home and other professional applications. This company has been in business for more than seventy years and have proven that they are one of the best in the industry. Combining Leviton’s innovative design with JBL’s superb quality, they have created an outstanding surround sound speaker system.

This product is equipped with a 100watt subwoofer, and that delivers a wide range of low and mid frequency. This sends vibrations throughout the room that you can feel while watching your favorite movie. Additionally, it comes with five satellite speakers that you can strategically setup surrounding your movie room for best application. Leviton also offers individual purchase of satellite speakers to convert your system up to 7.1 easily.


  • This speaker set has an 8-inch 100watt subwoofer that covers a wide range of audio frequency.
  • It comes with five satellite speakers with adjustable mounting brackets for easy installation and directional adjustment.
  • It can be easily upgraded from 5.1 up to 7.1 setups.
  • It comes in black or white.


  • This system is quite expensive.
  • The subwoofer has a big enclosure and takes up some space.
  • Installation can be tasking.

2. MindKoo 33-Inch Surround Sound Bar


MindKoo is a portmanteau of the words “mind” and “koo” where the latter is a Chinese word for “origin.” This manufacturer wants to emphasize that they originated from the mind. Everything that they have accomplished is a product of the rich and intellectual minds behind the company. They carefully research their products to make sure that they have the best projection and interpretation of audio signals for your all your audio entertainment needs.


This Surround Sound Bar spans 33 inches long. It’s slim, portable, and can easily fit below your television. It has four high-quality full-range speakers enclosed in a patented tube-like case that enhances volume and deep bass projection.
This Sound Bar has Bluetooth connectivity to expand the range of its usage. You can use your mobile devices to play music with it. For your convenience, this product comes with a remote to control volume easily while you are watching a movie. Moreover, this product is easy to set up. Just lay it on a table below your TV, plug it in, and you’re done.


  • Setting up this Surround bar is quick, easy, and hassle-free.
  • This device has Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It comes with a remote control to tweak settings and adjust the volume easily.
  • This product is not as expensive as multi-channel surround speakers.


  • This speaker has a lower potential volume compared with multi-channel speakers.
  • Lacks deep bass response.

3. Auna Concept 620 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker System

Auna is a company based in the UK that takes pride in manufacturing captivating audio equipment. They are quite a young contender on the market for home, professional, and other audio equipment, but they have managed to get noticed. They utilize the most advanced applicable audio technology to make sure that everybody gets the most amazing experience. Moreover, they pay attention to detail and design, fuse it with quality, and give it the best price possible for their clients.


Concept 620 is a five-channel multi-functional surround sound speaker system. It is equipped with a 6.5-inch subwoofer that boasts 90 watts of RMS. Each satellite speaker is fitted with a three-inch fidelity speaker. This unit can stream music via Bluetooth which is perfect for parties and other audio applications. It can also read SD/MMC cards and USB thumb drives.
Aside from being an awesome surround sound speaker for movies, you can also listen to FM and AM radio stations with outstanding quality. The compact and non-slip design makes it easy to be mounted on tables or set up on the floor. Not to mention, this product has a stylish black finish.


  • This product can function as an FM and AM radio.
  • It has SD/MMC and USB slot for the smooth and convenient playing of audio files.
  • It comes with a remote for easy volume and function control.
  • Compact design makes installation easy.


  • This product is quite expensive.
  • Subwoofer lacks a bit of a punch.

4. Sound bar29.5-Inch 50 Watt 2.0 Channel Home Surround Theatre System


Awesomeware is another new company that manufactures great audio equipment for home applications. They manufacture surround sound bars and other mobile electronics with precision and good quality. They make sure that every soundbar you get from them gives you an awesome movie and music experience.


This 29.5-inch soundbar has 50 watts of power and two channels that give you clear sound quality. It is Bluetooth-enabled and can support connectivity to your handheld devices. You can also play music from your mobile phone or tablet with this device. It can play supported music from TF cards and can be operated with a remote control conveniently.
It can be easily connected to your TV with an RCA cable. Moreover, it has a decent sound quality that will make you enjoy movies and video games better.


  • This product is affordable.
  • This sound bar is Bluetooth-ready and can easily stream music from your mobile phone or tablet.
  • This device is compact and would not need to be wall mounted.
  • It’s easy to install and connect to your TV.
  • For your convenience, it comes with a remote controller.


  • This product only has 50watts of power.
  • The quality of build and durability is not as good as the top known brands.

5. Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System


Since 1973, Energy is one of the best manufacturer and leading brand of audio equipment in Canada. They have based their research and improved the quality of home and professional speakers to the leading Canadian studies about psychoacoustics. Through their high-performance speakers, great sound quality is achieved.
Most importantly, the company does not manufacture high-quality audio devices just to earn from it. They pledge to provide mesmerizing audio experience to those who are using their devices.


This surround system is made with excellent craftsmanship. The speakers are finished in high gloss black and sturdy cabinets. It comes with one center channel satellite, two left and two right high fidelity satellites, and one 200watt subwoofer that can render as low as 40Hz audio signal. The satellites can be mounted on walls or placed on top of tables.
This Take Classic 5.1 surround system projects astounding sound quality with deep bass that creeps all over the place. This speaker will fill your room with clear and crisp sound without distortion even on high volumes.


  • This product is manufactured by a well-known Canadian company.
  • The quality of craftsmanship is remarkable.
  • This product has a 200watt subwoofer that renders outstanding bass.
  • It comes in a stylish glossy black finish.
  • The satellites have astounding quality.


  • This product has a high price tag.


The best movies for home theater surround sound can be experienced using the best speaker setup—we think we can all agree on this. Remember how real the sounds are felt in a movie house? Well, that’s because they have perfectly positioned high-quality speakers to give moviegoers the best movie experience every time.

With the best home theater surround sound out there, you can replicate this experience at home with the power to pause the movie and take a leak without missing a scene! Plus, there can be unlimited popcorn in the kitchen too!

Furthermore, the five-speaker setup we have reviewed provides remarkable audio experience. However, with different preferences, we may not all agree with one perfect speaker setup for home use.

If you don’t have the time to setup and mount speakers strategically in your movie room, MindKoo’s 33-inch Surround Sound Bar is an easy choice for you. Just place it below your TV and plug it in. No need to lay out wires to set it up. Additionally, it doesn’t consume much space, plus, it has Bluetooth connectivity and SD card slots for playing music. However, it

doesn’t have the best bass quality, but it will suffice.
If you are a diehard audiophile, there’s no doubt that sound bars will not be enough. With a few hundred dollars more to spend, the Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System is at your taking. It has a powerful 200watt subwoofer that will blow you and your friends’ minds! The deep and rich bass will creep on the floor, the walls, and your body and give you amazing movie experience.

With its five satellite speakers correctly setup, you can replicate a movie house experience with the ability to hit the pause button whenever needed! Although, it doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, card, and USB slots as it is a dedicated home theater equipment. Still, the sound quality and movie experience you get from it is unparalleled.

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