Best Home Theater Receiver: The Core of Your Home Theater System

Best Home Theater Receiver: The Core of Your Home Theater System
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You need to have the best home theater receiver for you to have a great home theater system. This is the case because the receiver is the core of your entire set up. Without it, you cannot fine tune your preferred audio or video settings.

Practically everything that you need for a customized set up heavily relies on the receiver. You can actually say that a receiver makes or breaks your home theater system, even if you have the best screens or speakers.

In order for you to get the best one out there, you need to find one that can integrate all other devices. Read on to find out which is the best receiver for your home theater.

Yamaha AV Receiver


It has a phono input that is used for playback in vinyl. At the same time, you can use an application that distributes audio in different rooms in a wireless way; it is called MusicCast. There is also Bluetooth available, and you can access the net for you to be able to stream music.

The patented technology of Dolby Atmos is applied, as with the decoding which is DTS:X. The sound that it can help produce is that of Ultra 4K for the best surround sound. Further, its channel has a 7.2 network.


  • Installation and set up are very easy.
  • There are a lot of added features that contribute to the convenience of using it.
  • Almost all of the functions for CD and BluRay can be managed by a simple option in the receiver.
  • The customization of your equipment is made easy by the options offered in the equipment.
  • The upper frequencies are processed so smoothly, that it does not sound so frilly.
  • The bass is properly managed and balanced.


  • If you are someone who wants to customize every aspect of the sound quality, you might be disappointed with this because you can only adjust the bass, treble, and subwoofer tones.
  • It is not ideal to be used for audio only; it is best to attach it to video equipment.
  • The sensor of the remote is weak, meaning you really have to be front and center for the receiver to sense the remote.
  • There are also problems in terms of the HDMI exits.

Sony 7.2 Channel Home Theater 4K AV Receiver


This receiver features 7.2 channels with 145 watts of quality sound and build. Moreover, you can attach a lot of equipment to it as it has four inputs for HDMI or output for HDCP 2.2.

At the same time, it can support movie qualities that are 4K with 60p or that of an HDR quality for a true 4K experience. It comes equipped with technology for surround sound at the front.

You also have Bluetooth and a USB connection for streaming through a wireless connection, and playback of music. At the same time, set up is a breeze because once you plug it in, the calibration is automatic.


  • It is extremely easy to set up. If you do not want manual calibration, you can just select automatic calibration once you plug it in.
  • The calibration time is short, and it easily connects all of your equipment and devices.
  • The interface is very easy to master, as it is simple and straightforward.
  • As for video performance, it performs great, and can even offer settings for both video and audio.
  • There are a lot of ports that you can choose from to attach multiple devices.
  • There are countless of devices you can choose from that will prove to be compatible with this.


  • Once a port breaks, the rest will follow.
  • The cables that come with it are quite flimsy, so you have to switch them out consistently.
  • It might encounter problems for HDR connections, especially when you hook up gaming units such as a PS4.

Pioneer Channel AV Receiver


This receiver specializes in surround sound as it has the technology of Dolby Atmos and the format of audio is DTS:X. Further, it can be connected to a WiFi network where you can stream from the built-in Chromecast, Tidal, TuneIn, and Deezer.

Additionally, the playback of music is of top-notch quality as it has 384 kHz per 32 bit DAC. It can also read almost all audio files from MP3 to high-resolution files. Moreover, there is support for audio in multi-rooms as the output for speakers have two zones.

Lastly, the speakers have wireless technology under FireConnect. The Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration System (MCACC) can tune your home theater viewing experience based on the setting of your room. The custom microphone helps with differences of distance and level, response of the equalizer, and size of the speaker.


  • You can customize the sound as much as you like, as it has a lot of options.
  • The set up is easy and straightforward.
  • It can handle most HD and 4K video files.
  • The AirPlay feature of this is exceptional and works every time you deem so.
  • It gives out a good quality sound with a bit of enhancement.
  • It is very versatile as you can connect other devices to it, even the ones that do not belong in a home theater system.


  • The calibration is hard to master when one port works, the other needs to be adjusted as well.
  • It needs a lot of updates in terms of firmware for it to function to its fullest.
  • There are a lot of features that depend highly on software, that if the software is faulty, you cannot properly use the whole device.
  • The second zone really does not add much to the entire system.
  • When you use the A and B speakers, the multi-channel system falls apart.
  • For the HDMI outputs, they are mostly stripped of sound when used simultaneously.

Best Home Theater Receiver: The Winner

The receiver is the heart of your home theater system; if you have a faulty one, other equipment attached to it will perform poorly as well. Therefore, you should have a receiver that not only supports your other setups but also effectively calibrates them, into one setting.

Based on this idea, the best home theater receiver is the Sony 7.2 Channel Home Theater 4K AV Receiver. This receiver can easily manage all your equipment.

Frankly, the winning feature is its easy calibration and interface. The quality of audio and video will rely solely on your ability to adjust the settings, and Sony gives you the best platform to do that.

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