Best HDMI Cables for Superior Audio and Video Transmission

Best HDMI Cables for Superior Audio and Video Transmission
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Gone are those days when you are required multi-colored wires to display video and play audio altogether. Today, you need the best HDMI cables in order to connect absolutely anything to your television. These are necessary if you want to connect your cable TV, your laptop, and even your phones.

These cables are so common right now that you will find them even in the checkout lines of several grocery stores. Since they are practically available everywhere though, for you to settle on just one can be a daunting task.

That is why we aim to take away that stress from you by reviewing three fantastic HDMI cables on the market right now. These three cables are from reputed brands and are highly durable and reliable. So, let’s dive in!

Best HDMI Cables: Our Choices

You wouldn’t want an HDMI cable that offers a terrible connection between your device and the television. Hence, we carefully tried out several HDMI cables on the market and finally managed to narrow it down.

1. AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable

If you frequent the Amazon website, you may have come across their in-house brand called AmazonBasics. This brand basically sells absolutely every electronic accessory you can think of, of different brands that are significantly cheaper.

While these products might be a cheaper alternative to the branded accessory, the company does not cut corners when it comes to its quality. AmazonBasics products are quite popular for this very reason.


The AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable is a fantastic cable which comes in multiple lengths. The connectors are gold plated and are corrosion-free so that they can deliver optimal signal transfer with almost low to no distortion when it is at the point of contact. This ensures that you get a fantastic picture and sound quality that could be truer to the original.

Additionally, the cable has a black PVC outer layer and shielding which makes it highly durable and protects it from any outside interference. This helps in maintaining the purity and the integrity of the digital signal. It is also backward compatible, which means that this cable can be used with even the previous HDMI standards.

Moving on to the technical aspect, the HDMI cable also supports Ethernet. This signifies that compatible devices will be able to connect to the internet through it. This is not a standard feature amongst several HDMI cables.

It can support a bandwidth of up to 18 GB/second. Additionally, it also supports 3D, 4K, as well as Audio Return Channel (ARC). Lastly, AmazonBasics offers a lifetime warranty on their HDMI cable against any material or manufacturer defect.


  • Has a strong build
  • Compatible with previous HDMI standards
  • Supports Ethernet
  • Risk-free
  • Available in multiple lengths


  • Not compatible with Dolby Vision
  • Does not help produce quality 4K videos



2. SecurOMax HDMI Cable

SecurOMax is a company that exclusively manufactures and sells HDMI cables, AUX wires, Optical cables, and other cables. They take utmost care in ensuring that all of their products are of the highest quality, which makes them safe to use and highly effective.


The SecurOMax HDMI cable is a sturdy and well-built cable that is loaded with a ton of features. The cable is available in a length of 10 feet, and the cord is completely braided. This ensures it will not break or get damaged easily.

What takes the cake is the fact that the cable is made out of a 100% pure oxygen-free bare copper which is triple shielded so that it can offer maximum performance and an ultra-low SNR. The connectors are also 24K gold plated to ensure they do not get corroded and offer seamless signal transfer. Additionally, the soldering points are covered by a thick aluminum shell to get a significantly better shielding.

This HDMI cable supports HDMI 2.0 ports that are 4K @60Hz, 28 AWG and 18 GB/second maximum bandwidth, thanks to the Ethernet feature. This, along with the ARC eliminates the extra network and audio cables.

Additionally, it also supports 3D videos. Lastly, the company offers a lifetime replacement guarantee on this HDMI Cable.


  • High quality and long lasting
  • Offers a high-quality resolution
  • Can help in decluttering as it can eliminate other cables between the devices


  • Thicker than most HDMI Cables



3. Atevon High-Speed HDMI Cable

Founded in 2016, Atevon is a Chinese company that specializes in audio and video cables along with other electronic accessories. While they are a relatively new company, they only offer professional services. They have a reliable and highly responsive customer care service too.


The Atevon High-Speed HDMI Cable is available in 3.3, six, and 10 feet sizes. This is truly a high-quality HDMI cable since it comes with a 24K gold plated connectors along with three layers of shielding that will minimize interference, digital timing errors, and signal loss. Thus, it will provide you with stunning video and clear audio.

In terms of the cable itself, it is made from a premium, durable, and high-quality nylon braided jacket that is capable of withstanding a bend test of 10,000+ times and will still offer optimal performance. It has a 100% oxygen-free bare copper wiring.

This is an Ethernet-ready HDMI cable which allows you to enjoy HD audio and video. It also supports up to 18 GB/second of bandwidth, so it can achieve 4K transmissions.

The cable is capable of transmitting those high-resolution sound formats such as DTS HD or Dolby TrueHD and also 32-channel audio. The ARC and CEC feature integrated will allow you to simplify the setup by letting you control the devices all from one control point.

Lastly, Atveon offers an unconditional lifetime warranty on their HDMI cable along with a fast and easy-to-reach customer care service if you have any issues.


  • Extremely high-quality cable construction
  • Supports high-resolution audio formats
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Risk-free purchase


  • Can be a bit stiff




In conclusion, any one of these three best HDMI cables will serve its purpose well. Each of these is constructed to work with high-quality audio and video.

That being said, if we have to pick one amongst them, our choice would be the Atevon High-Speed HDMI Cable. While all the three cables have similar features, the Atevon cable takes it a step above by offering support to high-resolution sound formats. It also has an extremely strong built and comes in multiple sizes.

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