Are Home Theater Systems Good For Music?

Are Home Theater Systems Good For Music
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Home theater systems are composed of several electronic devices such as ab HDTV and speakers to create a theater-like experience at home. They create a surreal experience as if you are part of the movie or game console. They can be used in playing MP3 songs and other music formats. But are home theater systems good for music?

There are many beliefs when it comes to home theater systems. One of these beliefs is that home theater systems are not best for playing music and music speakers are not suitable for home theater systems. There are some truths about these beliefs, but not all of them are always true.

Choosing a speaker system is not that easy. While it is generally true that a better speaker system provides accurate, clear, and powerful sound, you need to consider more technical factors. You also need to consider a speaker system that is good for both movies and music; if you do, these kinds of speaker systems are expensive.

People with limited funds often left to ask, “Are home theater systems good for music?” Or “do music speakers work well with movies?” Let us find out in the following sections…

How are home theater systems good for music?

Let us try to understand how home theater systems work. The mid-range of the home theater speaker system is the range where most dialogue occurs. When this mid-range is turned off, the viewer is unable to comprehend some dialogue. These systems usually utilize smaller drivers that work well in the mid-range.

However, the smaller drivers cannot play very deep sounds. The subwoofers come to action. They augment the bottom end, but the bass extension is not good for music. To answer your question directly, affordable home theater speakers are usually not good with music, and affordable music speakers are usually not good with movies or home theater systems.

The category of these speakers limits them more than their designs. But if you have the budget, you might want to invest in a better speaker system and set them up so they can perform well in areas of music and movies.

Buying considerations for home theater systems for music

The best time to think which brand or model is good for music is before you buy it. Ask yourself few questions like: Do you and your family listen to music more than watching movies? When you listen to music, do you sit down and get immersed in it or is it on in the background while doing your tasks? You can also consider the design of the speaker system if it will complement with the interiors of your home.

When considering the factors above, be honest with yourself. You might love listening to music but you don’t have the time. Your family might use the speaker system on watching movies or TV shows on a daily basis. Consider your lifestyle and budget accordingly.

Differences between music and movies

Music and movies have similar traits such as timbral accuracy, wide dynamics, and spatial traits. They both make a 3D realism. However, music and movies have differences based on how they are made and how they are processed in the studio.

Films produced today feature almost unlimited soft to loud dynamic range where the conversation is blended to the middle channel, surround effects are ambient, and deep bass can be extreme. Meanwhile, music produced today is compressed vigorously and the deep bass effect might be absent.

Music has the subs that require providing accurate pitch and tightly controlled bass. These factors must be excellently integrated with the speakers. And since there is a very small number of music recordings that are available in multichannel sound, the stereo is the best.

Movie soundtracks have a wide dynamic range that is related to high volume capability. Most home theater system owners tend to set the volume high when watching movies compared when playing music. This requires higher volume requirements for movie-oriented systems. The sound plays a supporting role to the video quality.

When it comes to music-oriented systems, the entertainment and engagement succeed on the sound quality alone. Therefore, sonic integrity and tonal accuracy are more apparent and more critical.

Many home theater system owners prefer to choose speaker systems that can work well with playing both music and movies. They like to have a dual purpose speaker system. It might cost more but it’s worth it and prevents regret in the future.

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