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In a world where home theater systems are becoming a popular staple in several homes, the sound has become one of the most important elements of the system. Because sound is so important to a home theater system, it is one of the reasons why some homeowners will purchase a surround sound system or even a soundbar to accompany their television sets. The main reason for this is simply because the sound that accompanies the televisions that we purchase are usually terrible.

This article will review the Bose CineMate Home Theater system. Bose’s products are also often associated with a high quality. However, there are several things you should consider before purchasing a home theater speaker system. These include a rich quality sound that can adequately fill your room and a system that can possibly connect to, and is compatible with all your media devices. You should also look at the customer reviews before making the decision to purchase.

Bose CineMate 15 Home Theater Speaker System Product Review

The CineMate 15 home theater speaker system, maybe the simplest speaker from Bose to date. It can improve the sound in any home theater system simply and with one audio connector.

To add, it not only delivers full audio to you but promises to deliver a deep bass that you would have never heard before from the sound bar and hideaway Acoustimass that can basically blend in with any decor.


  • You purchase includes a universal remote that will allow for easy control of all your media devices including your television, Blu-Ray player and cable box. The remote comes with 2 AA batteries.
  • It features multiple audio inputs for you to choose from including, coaxial, analog, and digital optical.
  • Packaging includes a soundbar speaker with its attached speaker cable, acoustic module and a universal remote. It also includes power cord, digital optical and analog cables. This will allow connectivity to most audio
  • devices.
  • The serial number will be monitored by Asset Watch


  • Listeners will experience a rich, yet impressive sound emanating from their televisions, stereos or laptops
  • The base emanating from the acoustics give a real-life sound experience
  • The soundbar is small enough to fit basically anywhere without causing obstruction
  • The Acoustimass can easily be placed out of sight and doesn’t necessarily obscure your décor as it is black
  • One remote can be used to control all your devices
  • You can install an extension cable


  • The soundbar can only be placed on a tabletop as it was not designed to be mounted and wall brackets cannot be added to its design.
  • The remote does not control the bass
  • May not be compatible with some television configurations so there may be a sound delay


The CineMate 15 home theater speaker system is a speaker set that comes with a subwoofer, Acoustimass, and a universal remote. Batteries are included with the purchase, as well as cabling and buyers benefit from 60 days of technical support and assistance.

With this system, there is no need to have multiple remotes as the remote can control several media devices. The speaker system gives a rich, yet impressive sound boasting value for money and its sleek design allows it to fit in with any décor.

The soundbar is not without issue as it can only fit on a tabletop and wall mounts are not compatible with it. While the remote does control several media devices, it does not control the sound system’s acoustic mass’ bass.

The sound system also may not be compatible with some television configurations such as the Apple TV, so there may be a delay in the sound that is output. If the CineMate 15 fits your cinematic needs, then it is a system that you ought to consider.

Comparison with another brand

It is actually a difficult task to find a product that is exactly comparable to Bose’s CineMate 15 Home Theater Speaker System as most systems come with multiple speakers. Nonetheless, the Bose will be compared to the Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 Wireless Audio Home Theater System.

It is similar to the Bose system because it has a subwoofer. However, the Bose’s system comes with two speakers, but this set comes with six independent speakers that together provide a surround sound experience to listeners. The similarities in the speaker systems end there.

The Enclave speakers are wireless and enable cost savings as there is no need for cables or audio-visual receivers running to the individual speakers. The speaker also boasts three HDMI inputs that allow you to connect your cable box, gaming consoles, DVD-Blu Ray player, and other devices.

Additionally, the technology is compatible with most media devices. You can easily connect your phone to the surround sound system by using Bluetooth or using a 3.5mm jack. The Bose CineMate speaker system lacks both HDMI and Bluetooth connectivity which will significantly help to reduce the visible cabling and wiring.

The Verdict

When looking for a sound system, you will obviously want to get the best value for your money. Bose is a brand that has been around for years, and they are trusted for the quality of items that they manufacture. However, this product though described as their simplest speaker set is probably not the best value for money.

The speaker set up lacks HDMI as well as Bluetooth connectivity, a staple that most setups are expected to have. Though, Bose may argue that their speaker system is only intended to be used for sound output and not audio-visual output. The speaker may also be a bit too expensive.

However, despite not having popular methods of connectivity, the speaker offers a rich listening experience courtesy of its soundbar and bass. It also comes with a universal remote that allows you to control your media devices.

The Bose speaker system may be more suitable for persons who will not use Bluetooth or HDMI connections, and those who prefer a sound system with an uncomplicated setup. However, if you prefer something that will give you more value for your money, you will probably want to invest in a sound set up that can connect to all your media devices.


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