Best Home Theater Surround Sound System for Your Specific Needs

Best Home Theater Surround Sound System for Your Specific Needs
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It is possible that every owner of a large television has been advised to get a surround sound system installed for a better sounding experience. This suggestion might have come because it is pointless to own a gigantic television set and to have terrible sound. Initially, you may not realize that you have sound issues, but if you attempt to watch a movie or show in the middle of a thunderstorm, you will understand that you need the best home theater surround sound system.

A surround sound system is an audio appliance connected to your TV that functions to enrich your television viewing experience by enhancing the sound. Some of you might consider that it is only a luxury, but once you try to watch with the best home theater surround sound system, you will be delighted because you can hear everything even if someone beside you is opening a bag of chips.

Hence, once you decide to buy one for your home, you might want to consider the three options we have listed below.

Polk Audio Signature s35 American HiFi Home Theater Slim Center Speaker

This 14-pound home theater sound system is made up of only one speaker which has a slim design, specifically only four inches tall. It has a left, center, and right channel speaker compatibility. Likewise, it is equipped with a one-inch high-resolution tweeter and a three-inch, mica-reinforced, and low-distortion polypropylene. In addition, the manufacturer also incorporated a dual-power port technology that is an exclusive property of the company. Further, you have the option to purchase the speaker alone, or to purchase the speaker with an expert set up.


  • It is not difficult to find a space to fit this speaker making it possible to place it on the ground, on a tabletop, or even hang it.
  • Sound produced has high frequencies and is crystal clear
  • The bass sounds and mid-range dynamics are improved.
  • Multi-use speaker


  • Listening to dialogues might be a bit difficult for this speaker as it may sound distorted.
  • Too expensive for its quality level
  • The sound is dependent on the room size which makes it suitable for small areas only.

Yamaha 5.1 Channel Home Theater

Yamaha is a company that has been known over the years to produce some of the top-quality musical instruments in the market. This home theater system, as the name implies, comes equipped with five channels as well as a subwoofer that has a power of 100 Watts and size of eight inches. On the other hand, the surround and center speakers have 2.5 inches woofers and o.5 inches tweeters.

This 16.6 x 26.2 x 21.8 inches and 54 pounds product is also equipped with Bluetooth technology, a virtual cinema front system, and YPAO sound optimization capabilities. In addition, it is also has a 4K Ultra HD pass-through with and HDCP 2.2 support.


  • This product can be connected to your phone or tablet wirelessly to the theater system.
  • This system comes with a 60-day period of technical support that includes assistance with set up and configuration as well as answers to any questions related to the product.
  • This Yamaha product automatically calibrates.
  • Compatible with modern and standard HDMI which makes it easier to transmit 4K videos at 60 fps
  • Enhanced bass sound quality
  • A virtual surround sound can be achieved with the help of the five speakers in front.


  • You need to find a tech once issues arise after your tech assistance has expired.
  • There are some quality issues with the speaker wires.
  • The middle speaker spoils the whole system as it is rather weak.
  • This product has connectors that are made of low to mid-quality materials.
  • Setting this up in your living or entertainment room might be a hassle since it is quite bulky and heavy.

Acoustic Audio by Goldwood Five-Speaker Set Two-Way Home Theater System

This product that has a size of 7.5 x 7.5 x 3 inches and weight of around 12 pounds requires between 20 to 200 Watts of power for each speaker that you need to install. It has a frequency response ranging from 45Hz to 22 kHz and an efficiency of 95 decibels and eight ohms. The 5.25-inch woofers are equipped with polypropylene cones that have high rigidity levels and an extended throw assembly. Likewise, 12-mm soft dome tweeters and butyl rubber surrounds are also added.

This speaker system also has frames and grills that can be painted and housings that have a low profile. What is better is that a lock mounting system for walls, speaker cut-out templates, and a detailed instruction manual are also included.


  • Increased performance and durability
  • You can customize the color and size of this product according to your needs and wants.
  • This product can be set up indoors and outdoors as well as on the wall and in the ceiling.
  • All parts have been manufactured and designed in the USA.
  • Easy to install


  • The sound coming out of these speakers is horrible, especially when used in the center.
  • The sound coming from the front speakers is loud and has a high pitch.
  • The wires that are supplied by the manufacturer are inadequate for wall or ceiling installation.
  • The manufacturer of this company has been reported to have poor customer services since there are times wherein no one answers the call and replacement of problematic units.

Best Home Theater Surround Sound System: The Conclusion

Watching movies, TV shows, and sports in the comfort of your own home is something that each of us dreams of. Having the cinematic experience can be achieved by having both a large television as well as a quality surround sound system.

As we can see from above, no system is more superior than the other when it comes to sound quality since they all have specific problems. Likewise, this will depend on how you set up the unit. The only thing that can probably set them apart is the number of speakers you get. The Polk comes with a single speaker and the Yamaha and Acoustic Audio are equipped with five speakers. Choosing using this criterion will depend on the size of the area where you will place the unit.

Before committing to buy any of the three brands, you should decide which speaker is best for you, and how much you are willing to pay. Keep in mind that you are probably going to have to buy wires too that need to go with the speakers.

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